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How to use Instagram for Business

Instagram tips and tricks for your business profile

Instagram for business is “The talk of the Town” . Business are pouring crores of money through Digital Marketing Companies and Individual Freelance Digital Marketers to set up campaigns to reach out their right target group.

Instagram has become a widespread platform to potentially influence a lot of customers who are constantly connected with the friends and acquaintances. In the last decade, even businesses took advantage of Instagram to reach out to their respective TG’s. Instagram is a viable tool to instantly share a picture with the rest of the world. Grouping hashtags is one of the best features of Instagram which brings attention.

When you look into a business perspective that caters to the Instagram audience, some turn out to be successful while others not so much. Let’s re-tune some of the specifics to make the Instagram account stay alive on #Instagram. This can help you bring a lot of desired followers. We at Social Orange know what it takes to make an Instagram account a top-notch platform and our clients just love us for the same.

Instagram for business

Read beneath to know what makes Instagram say, “Hey, maybe you should change it”  

1. I follow and YOU follow me back: The followers you try to follow back may not be your loyal ones as these tactics could make it less interesting and things may start looking down. Chances are so they might unfollow you if they lose interest to have you on their lists.

2. Do not tag a product/person if they are unrelated to the photo you share:  Most often it occurs that in order to bring everyone’s attention including your follower’s followers, you may tag other business product name or any influential person’s name in the post. Do not tag anyone that comes to your mind and if they are nowhere related to the post content. This may only irk them.


Do you buy followers on Instagram


3. Buy followers only if they look seem a profitable source: Have enough money to spend on followers? Do not just splurge unless you know their capacity to try /utilise /recommend your product or service with others. Also, beware of SPAM accounts. Not all the followers you buy are genuine.

4. Do not be negative: Once in while, it’s absolutely fine to post pictures that are slightly different from your brand. By sharing a meme/fun video can make the audience like you. But, posting negative remarks or rampant taunts on other brands can only portray a bad image on your brand’s reputation. Avoid sharing those sort of images.

Instagram tips for business profile

5. Over-posting can ruin the efforts: You may feel enthusiastic about sharing pictures quite often. But the fact of the matter is no one is hardly interested to “like” all that you do. Flooding the account with a post after one another can only leave your audience to “Unfollow” you. Similarly, do not under-post. This can make you look that you are inactive on social media. Share relevant posts that are timely. Space out the posts tactfully.

6. Blurry images are a big turn-off: You may think that any image with a solid, crystal clear content gets your audience to read what you intend but is actually not. Blurry, not- so- visible font sizes can trigger impatience and let the viewer skip your content. Make sure the images you post are of high quality.

7. Watch out for the Captions and #Hashtags: Long captions that tell a never ending story are always going to distract the audience from the crux of the matter. On Instagram, make sure you keep the captions short and add only relevant hashtags that are trending. Is your business Instagram ready? Know what, it takes a lot more efforts and strategies other than these Instagram Don’ts to set your business level up.                                                                                                  

 We at Social Orange, know what exactly your business requires on Instagram. Drop and email to with your queries on Instagram or how to float a brand on Instagram?  and we’ll get right back to you!

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Srividhya Sridharan

Srividhya Sridharan

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