Organize customer information and automate marketing to maximize results from your sales team.
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Don’t worry about losing data

through human error or file mismanagement

Keep all client leads organized

So that you always have information at your fingertips

Get real-time notifications

So that you can react in time and convert more sales
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Benefits of CRM
Stand out of the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

Enhanced customer relationships

CRM captures every step of your customer’s journey and puts you in a better position to be able to identify and serve their needs.

Reduced data entry

Mundane tasks like sending welcome emails, tracking updates on a lead etc. can be automated to let you make better use of your time and resources.

Improved communication

Get rid of information gaps and back-and-forth messaging as CRM becomes the single platform for communication.

Healthier pipelines

Visualize your pipeline better, clear bottlenecks and prioritize deals that keep you committed to meeting your bottom line.

Increased revenue

Get a complete understanding of your customer that enables you to up-sell and cross-sell with reduced attrition rates and higher conversion rates.

Easier collaboration

Let your sales and marketing team work in tandem to plan campaigns and strategies to boost sales.
Keep Information Always Accessible
CRM systems are mostly hosted on clouds as web-based applications. Software like Hubspot, ZOHO and Agile CRM can be customized to your needs and accessed from desktops, laptops and even mobiles. Thus, you will always have access to customer information no matter where you are.
Integrate CRM with Automation Tools
CRM can be integrated with a number of different marketing tools. Got a new customer signup- send out an automated welcome email. Got a customer with a query – answer them through live chat software. With CRM, you can collaborate with team members easily and in real time. The results- higher revenue and a stronger business.
Our Customer Testimonial
  • They were really quick to understand our requirements.
  • We were happy with the T.A.T of the team.
  • The team Social Orange exceeded our expectation.
  • The delivery was well ahead than the committed time.
Mr Amardeep Adiga,Agile Labs
  • Experienced a 240% ROI on Google Adwords campaigns
  • Increased our resorts occupancy rate by 32% in 6 months
  • We’re experiencing a 10 fold rise in our organic traffic
  • The email dripping campaign has increased the conversions by 130%
Mr Vivek Ananda, Vivek Hotels Group
Mr Vivek Ananda, Vivek Hotels Group
  • Experienced a 240% ROI on Google Adwords campaigns
  • Increased our resorts occupancy rate by 32% in 6 months
  • We’re experiencing a 10 fold rise in our organic traffic
  • The email dripping campaign has increased the conversions by 130%
  • Team SocialOrange did a makeover to our existing site and it was given a new look.
  • They even helped in SEO campaigns to increase our organic traffic
  • 139% Increase in search  from SEO Campaigns
  • Interesting content ideas and Google business optimization helped us to rank for more relevant keywords.
Mr Aditya Narayan Mishra, CIEL HR
3 Steps to Installing CRM
Presenting a fail proof 3-step system for CRM

1. Step – Integrate CRM systems

We integrate CRM with all the lead forms on your website and landing pages.

2. Step – Lead scoring and Dashboard Setup

We will score the leads being generated and set up a daily dashboard to give you CEO view.

3. Step – Optimization and Marketing Automation

We will optimize CRM and set up automated emails and SMS sequences.
We’ve got answers to all your CRM questions
How can CRM increase sales?
CRM makes customer information easily accessible so that you can react in real time to your customer’s needs. It also helps you track your customer’s interests so that you don’t miss out on sales opportunities
Do you need CRM with a small customer base?
CRM is beneficial for brands of all sizes. Even if you have a small customer base, CRM can help streamline your processes and keep your customer information organized.
How can CRM be customized?
CRM can be easily customized through a drag and drop system that puts the information most important to you where you can see it. It even allows you to add functions and features to integrate it with other programs.
Are all CRM solutions the same?
The three main types of CRM are Operational CRM, Collaborative CRM and Analytical CRM. We’ll help you understand which one is best for you.
CRM simplifies sales and improves customer retention rates
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