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Benefits of Lead Generation
Stand out of the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

Gets qualified leads

Lead generation brings people to your website who are interested in your product range and services.

Builds an Online Presence

Lead generation increases visibility and keeps you ahead of the competition is a cost effective manner.

Increases Conversion Rates

Since the traffic driven to your website is already interested in your product range and services, they have a higher chance of becoming actual customers.

Flexibility to Push Selected Products

It allows you to choose what product or service you want to push and set your own target audience parameters.

Builds a Customer Persona

Lead generation helps you collect data on your target audience’s preferences and goals so that you can align your marketing strategies to their needs.

Boosts Loyalty

Lead generation brings your brand to the attention of your customers on a regular basis and boosts repeat sales.
Stay on Top of your Campaigns
A good lead generation program keeps track of where your leads come from and helps assess marketing campaigns. With this is place, you can tweak campaigns, design follow up steps and stay up-to-date with your customer’s needs. The information it gives you on customer behaviour helps identify leads that need to be focused on and creates a 1:1 customer journey.
Integrate Lead Generation with CRM
Integrating a lead generation program with CRM helps keep track of customer interactions and ensures that you never miss a beat. Automate actions, maintain accurate customer profiles and manage data to keep customers loyal to your brand. Integrating customer information with CRM reduces the time you spend on research and increases the time you can spend on customer interactions.
Our Customer Testimonial
  • They were really quick to understand our requirements.
  • We were happy with the T.A.T of the team.
  • The team Social Orange exceeded our expectation.
  • The delivery was well ahead than the committed time.
Mr Amardeep Adiga,Agile Labs
  • Experienced a 240% ROI on Google Adwords campaigns
  • Increased our resorts occupancy rate by 32% in 6 months
  • We’re experiencing a 10 fold rise in our organic traffic
  • The email dripping campaign has increased the conversions by 130%
Mr Vivek Ananda, Vivek Hotels Group
Mr Vivek Ananda, Vivek Hotels Group
  • Experienced a 240% ROI on Google Adwords campaigns
  • Increased our resorts occupancy rate by 32% in 6 months
  • We’re experiencing a 10 fold rise in our organic traffic
  • The email dripping campaign has increased the conversions by 130%
  • Team SocialOrange did a makeover to our existing site and it was given a new look.
  • They even helped in SEO campaigns to increase our organic traffic
  • 139% Increase in search  from SEO Campaigns
  • Interesting content ideas and Google business optimization helped us to rank for more relevant keywords.
Mr Aditya Narayan Mishra, CIEL HR
3 Steps to Lead Generation
Presenting a fail proof 3-step system for lead generation

1. Step - Persona Identification and Business Understanding

We start by meeting you and understanding your business and target audience.

2. Step – Ad copy Creation and Tracking Implementation

We will conceptualize and create copy for ad campaigns and implement tracking systems.

3. Step - Optimization and Reporting

We will filter the leads generated to find qualified leads with a high chance of conversion and share them with you.
We’ve got answers to all your Lead Generation questions.
How many leads can I expect?
Lead volumes vary from company to company on the basis of the definition of their target audience. Some brands may get 3-5 leads while others can get 10-15 or more every month.
Can leads be monitored?
Every lead you get can be tracked as to where they came from and how they interacted with your website.
How are leads generated?
Leads are generated in many different ways ranging from free courses, coupons, demos, ticketed events, webinars, etc.
Who is considered a qualified lead?
Leads that meet all the criteria defined in the campaign and demonstrate an interest in your company’s products are termed as qualified leads.
Verified leads are waiting to hear about your company.
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