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5 smart tips for a killer facebook business page

5 smart tips for a killer facebook business page

How to pull users to your business by creating killer facebook business page.

Take the Business Page Quiz: Which among these you agree with?

  1. Facebook customers are the most profitable ones
  2. Every minute nearly 50 thousand content links are shared
  3. 70% of buyer’s decision is based on a facebook post

If you agreed with all of these, must say you have got a great knack of running a successful facebook business page.

Does your business page look more appealing than your competitor’s? According to a report by

GetDigitalPro, “ 7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes that has to be avoided to increase the likelihood of increasing business from your Facebook business page.” Want to maximise user engagement on your facebook business page? Then this blog is sure to help you.

To start with, there is nothing like an enticing cover page picture that draws attention to anyone who visits a facebook page. What is seen as a purview on cover picture gives an epoch-making effect for a widespread business engagement on Social Media. And it is duly one of the primary things other than the name of the business page which sets the bar rising for the firm.

Let us look into some of the significant yet influential factors that bring attention to your facebook business page. Also, we bring to you what we did for our clients that went on to be a great success.

  • First things first. Let the cover page be equipped with crunch details, giving a sneak peek into the basics- what your business is and what is the product/service. It should be an insightful culmination of your business’s core processes. Never give a lot of details that shadow the main message.
  • A business quote, leadership thought, what your product/service stands for or why it should be preferred can be written as a short, crispy message. If you have a brand image that is story-telling-like, other than the logo, it can very well be implemented as a cover picture.
  • For instance, if you are a food service/delivery company, you can show images pertaining to your city headquarters or high-quality images of food items that you serve to the customers


Snippet from Social Orange’s Success Story:


When it comes to an uber-cool cover picture, okay wait. Before we say something, you can take a look at this!


Facebook Cover Image Ideas    


  1.  It will be a good thought to reciprocate what you see on other similar pages that fall into the same category of business by ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ as your business name. You can also share their news and other vital content that you think can be used on your business page timeline. Tag them in your posts. Never bombard with attention-denying content. Be updated about the current trends & news. Post them regularly
  2. Make sure the “About “ tab on the page is filled with bona fide information. Avoid false address and telephone number. The “About” page should reflect the authenticity of your business enterprise. Let the description you write be catchy and effective
  3. Did you know? Overly promotional posts set a poor tone on the page and people may tend to feel bored by constant reads on service promotion. A discount/offer post, according to your business growth, can be shared once or twice a month


Snippet from Social Orange’s Success Story:


Are you looking for engagement oriented promotional posts?  Social Orange sets the right tone by creating first-rate, picture good quality creatives. Here’s what we did –

Gain engagements on your facebook page

 Attractive creatives/posters are the “backbone strengths” of your business page. Make sure the quality of the images are prim, proper and tidy. 


Snippet from Social Orange’s Success Story:


Are grainy images causing concern? Social Orange relieves you from the despair by creative stunning visuals. Take a look at what we did –

Facebook image dimensions and rules


Read this article to be a pro in finding the Social Media Image Dimensions: Best way to find Social Media Image Dimensions.

Want to go for a killer facebook business page? Here you go – All you need to do is shoot an email to


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Srividhya Sridharan

Srividhya Sridharan

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