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Bengaluru city police: Protecting the city on one side and slaying with social media on the other

Bangaluru City police social Media

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear social media MEMES and TV shows? Is it the GoT reference, stranger things’ ELEVEN or the Crorepati game show’s take on everyday choices? You name it all, they have it all. Yes, the incredible and sensational Bengaluru City Police Facebook page is outsourced and handled by a Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore

Do you want to know how the page has proved beyond a point that it is the benchmark for meme creation and has the ever growing fan base?  Who is the brain behind the page? Actually, there are two. Well, read the article to find that out! Also, guess what? There is a surprise for the readers toward the end! Read on.

For quite some time now, the one thing that has set the social media on a myriad of fascination is Bangalore Police. It has gone to a level that most of us are finding it difficult to have the patience to know what their next post is. It would be an understatement to the only talk about their efforts which are worth a huge MILE in safeguarding the city and what takes the other half of credit is the notable, funny yet witty MEMES on their Facebook page.   



When you scroll through the page, you would find some of the posts are actually relatable. Take for an example, the reference to lights and traffic lights. It is remarkable to know and appreciate the creativity behind these concepts. Probably we can learn not just one but many if you are aspiring to be a meme creator or social media person.




Well, believe it or not, even the fans can’t stop raving about the page. Take a look at the below!

As you take a ride to see the posts, even the fans of this page seem to have absolute fun, moving away from the “pre-conceived strict attitude” generally had towards police but here you would rather see them immersed in small banter by commenting. Do not shy away, definitely.

Comments 2

What is more interesting to note is the equally hilarious comments that flow down on every post. This particular one stirred quite a reaction. Hilarious!





Creating memes do not mean one can get away with grammar and wrong spellings. Here is a post and see what made people appreciate them.

As we mentioned earlier in the introduction, we have come to the point of disclosing the names behind these witty memes. The brains behind this social media framework and ravenous fan following for the same are Chetan Hiremath and Deeraj Gowda. It may sound unusual but the truth is that they made this work by meeting themselves through SnapChat. They went ahead to start a digital media venture called Kart India. The collaboration worked even farther when they came across Bengaluru City Police Facebook page and decided to be the page admins to create hard hitting and sensational posts.


Bengaluru police deeraj

So when they decided, did the Bengaluru police really grant permission to do? The answer was, yes. It was from one of the articles in a newspaper that they happened to scan through and observed that Commissioner Praveen Sood stressed the importance of technology. Chetan and Deerj planned to convince the Bengaluru police to work through a social media agency and who better than they can hit the bull’s eye with wit, humour and negativity in handling the page. Later as expected Praveen Sood got impressed with their presentation on the scheme of things and offered them the job of handling the social media page.

Even as they are claimed to be one of the unquestionably creative bunches, they still have to go through the approval process and get the final nod from MG Nagendra Kumar, DCP Command Centre for their social media posts. As so much is written about them, these two definitely need a serious round of applause for the efforts and thinking. Keep doing it guys, great job!

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Srividhya Sridharan

Srividhya Sridharan

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