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Step by Step process in selecting your TG for Facebook Leads Campaign

Process in setting up Facebook lead campaign (1)

If you’re someone who is using Facebook to generate sales or leads for your business, then you gotta read this. Hope you would have spent few thousands and burnt your fingers on Facebook Ads by not having a proper targeted audience. Lead ads are one of the popular way in getting leads from Facebook but if you don’t have proper TG you might end up securing leads at a better CPC but the quality of the lead will be poor. For example, the lead might be very cold and they will not be aware of what they have signed up for.

Now Let me walk you through a step by step process in setting up your leads campaign.

Process in setting up Facebook lead campaign

Step 1: Set up your Target Audience

For Agencies:

Login to – then hover over the menu you will be able to see audience insights.

Audience Insight in Facebook

For Individuals: Click on Ads manager from the left hand side list of options.
Ads Manager in Facebook

You will be prompted with three different options to create your custom audience.

Select audiance in Facebook for campaign

If you have an email list of your TG then you gotta select – A custom Audience

If you are planning to target your followers then you can select – People connected to your page

This is the most widely used technique to create a custom audience from the entire Facebook population.


Step 2: Geotargeting

Geotargeting: Using this option you can filter down the population based on the targeted city or country. If you’re budgets is less than INR 2000/day or $31/day and your objective is leads please do not use country wise targeting it’s better to go for city wise targeting to get the most relevant target audience.


Geo Targeting

Step 3: Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting: Using this you can filter your target based on their age group and gender. This depends from different objective and brands. Example If you’re running a campaign for a Pregnancy wellness app then you must target married women probably under the age of 35.  


Demographic Targeting - Social Orange

Step 4: Interest based targeting

Interest based targeting: This is the common targeting option used by Social Media Marketers as a result of this the Facebook bidding engine hikes the prices because all are competing on the same Target Audience. So, it’s advisable to use advanced level of targeting.


Interest Based Targeting

Step 5: Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting options: These advanced targeting levels will be helpful in bringing down your CPC’s and average lead per cost if you use it wise. For example, we had a special case study where we used this advanced option to help one of our client to sell washing machines to women (housewife) the target criteria was “Women playing Candy Crush on Android and iOS devices” guess what it really worked and we were able to get the cost per lead by 320%. Read the Facebook organic reach case study here

Step 6: Creating a perfect Facebook ad copy

Write a compelling ad copy that grabs attention from your TG and makes them to stop scrolling.

Tell them what to do and make sure that you have proper CTA and a proper tracking implemented.

For example: Here is a completing ad copy with which we were able to bring down the cost per click by 190%  

Facebook Organic Reach with few bucks

Step 7: Setting up forms

Now you are all set to go live with your Lead Generation campaign.

Note: The cpc’s of the lead generation form campaigns on Facebook will be comparatively lower than the traffic diversion campaigns. So, make sure that the campaigns are highly targeted towards your TG to get maximum click and quality leads.


You can write an email to and our Digital Media Marketing Consultants will help you in setting up your goal and a comprehensive strategy in achieving the same.


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jignus tech
jignus tech
3 years ago

Great post! it was very insightful and informative.

Vedantham Sharath Chandra
Vedantham Sharath Chandra
3 years ago

Well written article.
Also please post an article on how to find tg on facebook

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