Here is a list of pro tips for those of you who are looking forward optimizing your SEO efforts, from an SEO industry expert of GetDigitalPro, One of the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore.

  • Target Long Tail business related Keywords: It’s better to get less general traffic who will bounce back. Rather target quality visitors who will find your content relevant and useful. Targeting long tail keyword helps in user engagement hence you can expect more conversion.

Target long tail keyword

  • Engaging and Share-worthy content: Write Content focused towards Problem related to your industry and solutions for them. Examples and case study coupled with images and videos makes the content more engaging and share worthy
  • Keyword related Blogs: Occasionally write a blog related to your keyword. You can frame the topic of a blog in such a way that it covers your keyword and sounds informative too. Do not forget to Include the keyword in URL and Heading. This will help your keyword ranking. Here is and example:


Keyword Ranking for social orange


  • Social Bookmark your blogs: Share your website blog posts to social media channels like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumbler etc. It helps google bots to crawl the page in case it missed it earlier
  • YouTube Channel: Create a YouTube video for your industry related topic people search often. Try making the video for a topic which does not have too many videos already available. You can consider boosting your YouTube video. With more views to video, your channel will start appearing on the first page for that topic leading to more relevant traffic to your website.
  • Website Interlinking: Always interlink your websites internal pages. Example: You can interlink one blog page of your website to another related blog page of your website with the help of anchor text. Remember to mention “do-follow” tag so that bots can crawl the page
  • Avoid Black Hat SEO: Never Overdo SEO activity or try to manipulate search engine algorithm. This will help you to avoid Google penalty and will not have any negative influence on your keyword ranking no matter what algorithm updates comes.
  • Quality Back links: Avoid getting back links from the website which has lower domain authority (DA) than yours. Page rank metrics to evaluate a site’s performance is obsolete now. Never ever buy bulk back links.
  • Anchor Text: The anchor text, link label, link text, or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines. Try getting more back links for your website from your Brand Name as anchor text. Getting many back links from same keywords other then Brand Name as anchor text thinking that it will improve the keyword ranking is a wrong process and will lead to get a negative hit (Penalty) with the algorithm update.
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