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Best Social Media Agency in Bangalore to handle your brand

best social media agencies in bangalore

Know what kind of best social media marketing agencies in Bangalore, you get.

SO also known as SocialOrange, it is one of the top 10 social media agencies on Bangalore with a whopping list of 30 brands right from Fashion to F&B from Education to Hospitality from Mobile apps to Ecom portals.

Brands are often thinking that hiring a best social media agency in Bangalore will get them a better branding and sales but they fail to realise that it involves a lot of time on brainstorming creative campaigns every month on month.

Please find a campaign idea presented by SocialOrange to one of their client, best car rental package providers

How to bring in a lot of engagements for your Facebook post like Bookcab?

We, at, did a social and digital media marketing campaign for our client, Bookcab, one of India’s leading car rental service providers whose focus is on the customer and reliable service at the best price.

We, at, floated the campaign by posting a contest ideal for the summer vacation time on the Facebook page of BookCab. What better way to get more engagements than to ask the customers to share their most memorable trip? The warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings about one’s most memorable trip coupled with the possibility of winning gift vouchers worth Rs.2500 is a perfect combination. Needless to say, the contest on Facebook went viral. In just two days since this post, we’ve seen more than 2054 ‘Likes’, 28 ‘shares’ and 23 ‘comments’! A week later, we received over 4830 ‘Likes’, 80 ‘shares’ and 50 ‘comments’! Facebook contests, a perfect social and digital media marketing tool, as we know, help bring in an increased fan base, a boost in traffic and generate conversations. Bookcab has benefitted tremendously in just a couple of days from our expertise in social and digital media marketing.


best social media agencies in bangalore
best social media agencies in bangalore

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