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Social Media Resolution for 2017

Social Media Resolutions 2017

Have you achieved the metrics that you set for your brand’s Social Media Goals in terms of engagements, reach, impressions and number of leads achieved through Social Media? Some of you might not have set things in place for 2016 so let’s be clear this year in setting up metrics and to draft a proper strategy to achieve Social Media goals this year 2017.

To factor in that, please answer these simple questions:

How many likes or followers you are looking to achieve in 2017?

How many targeted audiences you’re planning to reach in 2017?

How many Leads would you like to achieve in 2017 from Social Media?

How many leads would you require from Social Media?

How many Conversions you’re looking for on Social Media?


Answer these questions and give a realistic number “X” from your past experience.

Now, divide that “X”number  12 = X (per month)

So, our target it is clear in our hands now.


SocialOrange presents the overall Social Media Strategy to achieve your projections

Go for Visual Content

Contents that are more visually appealing creates more impact on your target’s mind. This small piece of content that goes out frequently from your brand’s social channels creates mind hooks that basically pull up the brand relevance with the context of the query running on the target audience mind. Once the query is relevant to your product or service then the target will come looking for you either online or offline.

Engage with your followers

Let the creatives are engaging with a quiz or a funny .gif or it can be a timer puzzle or it can also be a video, make sure that the followers spend more time engaging with the creative by liking it or commenting on it. The objective is to make them stop scrolling.

Categorise the Content with Right Hashtags

Please don’t overkill the caption section with more hashtags. But, make sure that you have right hashtags to categorise the content. Create branded hashtags for your brand so that your customers revolve around that hashtag, for example, #bufferchat #SO

Effective Ad Captions

The captions that your write will have more weight in bringing down the cost per conversions. Write at least 4 Ad captions and make sure that you A/B test it before you bet more money on your campaigns.

To perform the above-mentioned steps you need a Digital Marketing Consultant in place to manage and measure the performance of the campaigns. Hire a Social Media Consultant at just 25k per month from SocialOrange and sit back to enjoy the results.

Just drop an email with your contact number to


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