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Boost for Rs. 100 and get 1 Million Facebook Organic Reach

Organic reach on Facebook

Yes, you heard it right. We just boosted a Facebook Post with 100 bucks and got around One Million Organic reach.

Facebook organic reach

Facebook has partially stopped brands to reach out their TG for free. They want brands to pay for it.

Here is a scenario, imagine that you own a Posh Apartment at a good locality in Koramangala(this is a posh place in Bengaluru, India) and you’re moving out of the country for some reason. will you rent it out for free?

Of course, A big NOOO!!

This is what happening with Facebook.

You’ve got a pay to taste a Good Wine.

No worries, we can help you create killer content for your brand so that you can taste a good wine at a beers rate.

We have Social Media Strategists who are trained – Ninja’s of the trade from the best Social Media Training Companies with refined Social Media Course Structure which is capable of cultivating the finest minds to develop best ever Social Media Campaigns are still out there with SocialOrange.

Any social network out there doesn’t want their network to be polluted with poor content. (Sale!! Sale!! Discount!! Discount!! Offer!! Offer!! Free!! FREEEEE!!)

The Facebook algorithm is smarter than us in determining the quality of the content. The engagement metrics are the key in determining which post to be on the user’s newsfeed.

This is how owners of new Facebook Business pages can leverage the paid boost on Facebook to reach out to their TG in a cost effective way.

The Facebook Insights

These three metrics are really important for any Facebook page.

  • Audience

Do research about the demographics and the age group of the fan base that you have already on your Facebook page.

  • Reach

Set targets and measure your monthly reach to make sure that your content  is performing well month on month.

  • Engagements

Engagements are the number of likes, share and comments that your posts can achieve from your fans.

Once you master the art of relating all these metrics, then you will be able to design a content marketing campaign.

Here is a snapshot of our content calendar that has different post categories that a creative can be classified into.

Content calendar

This post will Fall under the “Engagement Oriented Post

The concept explanation for the creative was

“To present the struggles of parenthood in the cutest way possible”

Our Social Media Strategist came up with an Idea that went viral to reach over One Million people.

The post gained momentum with hours after posting. Then we just spend 100 bucksto boost the post.

We got 59181 likes and 989249 reaches that was a whopping 9750% spike in the engagement rate.


Content Marketing Campaign bangalore

Rounding up the article

If you’re a business owner and you think that your target audience is out there on Facebook but you don’t know how to reach them.

We’ve got you! Just drop an email to




Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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