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Valuable Takeaways From SEMrush meetup


On 16th of December, 2017 SEMrush hosted the meetup at Cowrks, Indiranagar. We, SocialOrange attended the seminar. It was a fruitful session. We thought to write about our experience at the event so that it will reach to all our digital marketing enthusiast audience. This was the final meetup of 2017 in Bangalore.

The Topics discussed in the meetup are the challenges of converting leads, SEO myths and best SEO practices.

Here are some details about the guest speaker at the meetup:

The 1st speaker was Nitin Manchanda, Global SEO Head at Trivago. Before this, he was working Flipkart as an SEO/SEM and worked as Head of SEO at Limeroad, He explained about the SEO myths and some interesting tips to increase organic visibility.

Jessi Paul was the next speaker. Jessi Paul is the Managing Director at Paul Writer and has over two decades of experience as a marketer. She has worked with Infosys as a Global Brand Manager, Marketing head at iGATE (now Capgemini) and CMO at Wipro Technologies for five years. She founded Paul writer in 2010.

Jaydip Parikh, one of the leading Digital Marketing Strategists and the CEO of Tej SolPro. He has 15+ year of experience in marketing and Digital Marketing. He spoke about How to do local SEO.

Here are some notable takeaways from the meetup:

Voice Search is the next big thing:

Voice search is the Google search function. With the help of voice search, the user can search in Google with voice input. Now a days users come up with long tail keyword. Voice search will help users search for the long queries easily. It is important to be at position 0 to appear in the voice search results. Position zero is the “Feature snippet” which appears before the standard organic search results. Proper content structure and web structure of the website can help you to get the position 0.

Role of Content writing:

Content plays the game changer’s role in SEO and Digital Marketing. You need to be careful about the content you are writing for your own website. It is important to check if the content has the potential to achieve the goals of the organization. Your content might be engaging but if it is not attracting targeted audience it adds no value to your business. It is essential to have effective call to action or lead magnet which will help to convert the lead. Consider adding audio podcasts, videos and Info-graphics, gifs to your content to get more engagements and conversion.

Importance of Local SEO:

Local SEO is to promote and market your business locally. It helps to promote the business when a person nearby is searching for the product or services locally. You can give your business a local presence by creating the Google my business account. Once the account is created you also need to register your business with the local directories like hot frog, IndiaMart. Get the reviews and testimonials on the sites like Yelp, Google, Bing and Urbanspoo. This can help local business to get more credibility.  It also boosts your online presence. Local user can find your business online if you implement local schema on the website.

Barnacle SEO:

Barnacle SEO is leveraging other website’s ranking. When ranking for some keyword is difficult you can link your site to some well-performing websites. You can do a barnacle SEO with sites like Wikipedia. Consider adding missing information or provide media of related industry and you can appear in reference. If your website is not able to rank higher for any competitive and challenging keywords, barnacle SEO can help you. You need to find out the websites which are ranking for related searches. Find opportunities for content sharing, Direct links. In this way, you can reach out to your target audience. This is a creative and effective SEO technique which can help you out rank your competitor

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Chinmay Parab

Chinmay Parab

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