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Content Creates Customers!


You sit down with your digital marketing agency and analyse the search ranking data and the organic traffic to your website for the past month. You had identified keywords, created adequate number of backlinks and seem to be doing everything by the rule book. But why hasn’t the user traffic to your website increased?

The answers lies right in front of you – Words! The old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” can now be loosely translated into the power of words in the war fought to gain new customers. It’s true.. Content creates customers!

Your choice of words to define your product/ service/ idea can impact the sustainability of your business online. It can decidedly drive customers to/ from your web page. A general guideline I follow while developing content is: SMILE

  1. Keep it Simple:

Complex words sound sophisticated, but may also turn off the average web user. Who can blame them? Would you want to keep opening a Merriam-Webster online dictionary to understand every other sentence?

    2.  Keep it Meaningful:

Appreciate the effort made by the user to read content published by you. Keeping meaningful content which either creates or satiates a need for product/ service/ idea is a good way to encourage repeat user visits.

   3. Keep it Interactive:

“Call to Action” in Marketing aims to persuade the web user to perform a specific action. It could be either to subscribe/purchase for goods/ services or even view/share links, which could be the goal of your search engine optimisation efforts.

   4. Keep it Logical:

The structure of your website must be logical and easy to navigate. There’s nothing more annoying than having to click more than 10 times to reach a desired page. Strategically placed search tabs and logical categorization of items in your website creates for better user experience.

   5. Keep it Engaging:

Use a good combination of text and images to keep user engagement high. Depending on the nature of business, determine adequate use of text in your website content.

While pictures and images may have the power to convey information more effectively than lengthy text passages, it might be prudent to remember that excessive usage of same may impact the site speed. I.e, the time taken by the website to load. With search queries arising from desktops as well as mobile devices/ tablets, it is critical to ensure your content and images are optimised across different devices.

In addition, voice searches are emerging as a preferred medium of search online. Voice search queries are known to start with words such as What, How, Where, When and Why. Therefore, if the text on your website has a conversational tone, it encourages high ranking in voice searches. An FAQ page on your website is an example of where to use voice search based keywords. Voice search queries also frequently use the “Near me” functionality. Hence, including important landmarks (near your business location) in your website content is helpful.

While content is central to most activities associated with boosting web presence, targeting the right customer segment and delivering value-based goods and services is also critical. Search engines reward those websites which provide real and meaningful information sought by their users. Enhanced website user experience is no longer desirable; it has become an essential component to sustain customer interest and create brand loyalty.

While the rules of online customer engagement are often subject to change by search engines, good content never goes out of fashion.  To keep up with the times, you could engage the services of a full-service digital marketing firm, like Social Orange, which provides you services such as search engine optimisation, content marketing and web design.

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Meghana Nandakumar

Meghana Nandakumar

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