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Physical Stores can measure ROI by advertising via Pokemon’ GO!

Pokemon go ROI

Pokemon’ Go soon will adapt advertising platform soon.

Niantic CEO John Hanke, via an interview with FT said that they are looking at “sponsored locations” as an additional revenue stream along with their in-app purchases of power upgrades.

Pokemon’ Go basically uses google maps and  augmented reality to put Pokemon in real life locations and the user gotta physically move to catch the Pokemon.

People are going crazy over this game, and the game actually did create history by maximum installs and good engagement rate than most of the popular apps like Tinder, Twitter, Sanpchat.

Pokemon’ Go is currently available in select countries on Android and ios platforms, the gaming company plans to launch in few more cities by fall with an advertising platform for Business where it will be charged based on the “cost per visit”

The brands can throw a treasure hunt kind of contest to pull in the crowd.

cost per visit ads on pokemon go


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