How to launch a new brand on Facebook?

The new wave of online marketing and advertising sprung up with the popularity of social media. Facebook was developed for people to find their friends online and share their daily activities with them every day. But now, it is one of the biggest online platforms to grow your business with. Facebook gives cheaper and easier options when it comes to finding more customers, interacting with them and launching a new product or brand.

But how do you begin this process? What should you do to get people excited for your new brand on Facebook?

Here are some simple steps you can follow to create buzz for your new Facebook brand page

Plan your content strategy in advance-

Your content for the new Facebook page should be developed well in advance i.e. be ready with a good amount of posts before you even launch your new page. Hire a graphic designer or develop your own infographics, images, and designs that you will post on your page to educate your followers about your new brand.

  • If you plan on starting a blog, have at least 10 posts ready before you start your page.
  • Videos are the new form of content going viral on Facebook. Share videos from your profile about your big launch. Create additional videos about your brand and your website’s info and plan your schedule for sharing on your Facebook.
  • Go live from your profile and share the big news with your friends. You can also use the live option from your page so have a plan of what news or information you are going to share from your new page.
  • Be ready with your banners. Investing some money on Facebook to market your brand or get some followers can be a cheaper alternative to spending on conventional marketing tools.

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Something big is coming soon

Having a page on Facebook isn’t really a difficult thing to do but having a page with good interaction from the audience can be really difficult. Since it is important to have a personal account on Facebook before creating a page, you can use it to visit other brands on Facebook and get an idea of content floating around online.

Use your personal profile to create the buzz for your upcoming brand launch. Join groups related to your new product or website and start posting images about the launch. Let your friends and people in the network know that something amazing is coming.


Go Live-

Facebook’s new live tool has garnered some success among its users and you can use this to your own advantage. On an average, people spend 3x longer watching a live video as compared to a normal video. The number of videos posted by a single person has grown 75% last year. Go live from your profile and let your friends know that your brand page is coming soon.

Use the live option from your page to share interesting content about your new brand. This will engage your new followers and keep them interested in the new page they just liked.

Go Live

Analyze your launch and engage your audience-

It is of utmost importance that your followers engage themselves with your page posts since their activity on your posts will decide your page’s growth.

Because of Facebook’s algorithm, if a follower isn’t responding to your posts and chooses to ignore them while shuffling posts on his/her timeline, he may not see them in the timeline in the future.


Analyze the content you posted after launch and the engagement each post got. How are your followers responding to your posts? Just the number of likes won’t tell you how much they actually enjoy your content. Thank them for their comments, respond to their messages on time and let them know about the upcoming news regarding your brand.


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