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How to earn money from your website from day one

How to generate revenue from your website from day one

Before we go ahead into the topic, let us take a brief moment to ‘Thank you’ for contributing towards our income through this website. Yes! You read it right; you are now one of the major elements that contributed to our present month pay scale.

The fact that you may find it hard to believe is pretty much understandable considering all you did was click the link and land on this page. How could such a simple push of a click generate income for a website? That is what you are going to find out in the article that follows. There are numerous ways to generate income for your websites – some simple and others quite complicated. If you are on the plans to build a website and earn income out of it, this one is for you.

How to generate revenue from your website from day one:

Sell a service or a Product

At SocialOrange, we sell digital marketing services and ROI based revenue flow model to our clients. So, bringing you to our site was highly intended towards selling our service to you by giving you as much awareness that we can give through our content marketing efforts. You might have landed here from Google / Facebook / any Social Media or from our email campaigns. As a brand, we concentrate on all the touch points of our TG to interact and engage with our business owners to get them on board as our customers. This is how we generate revenue from our website.

Start generating revenue from your website as well, drop an email from your official ID to                       (Note: will not be considered)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of digital marketing; wherein a particular website promotes a product or service on another website.  Find a product or a service you would recommend to your readers or audience and endorse the same on your website using an Affiliate Link. Every time your audience clicks on the link to purchase the product you endorsed; you get a split of the sale price.

The commission on the price can be anywhere between 30% – 70% depending on the product and the category it belongs to. For example – Referring a buyer for an Ebook gives you a flat 50% commission on the Sales price.

Cost Per Action Advertising

Cost per action advertising is divided into two types as mentioned below:

Cost-Per-Click Ads:  CPC advertisements were one of the most prevailing sources of income since the invention of World Wide Web. It involves a small advertisement or a pop up which would grab the attention of the online visitor to click on it.  This would take the visitor to the home page of the advertisement.  Every time a visitor clicks on one of those ads (even when he does it trying to close window if you know what we mean) your website generates revenue


Cost-Per-Mille Ads: Cost per Mille advertisements work on one and only one basic rule – “Larger the traffic, Larger the revenue generated”. It obviously reaps higher payout than the Cost per click ads but hugely depends on the reach of your website. This would need time to build your fan base first before you could start reaping rich dividends from this.

Tools like Google ad sense and search engine optimisation are often used to build higher traffic and boost the number of visitors for any website having the above-mentioned advertising techniques.

Hold on, we have got few more techniques, last one is interesting and if you’re planning to make quick money from your website, you must try doing it.

Ad Space Selling:

Any website or blog can be developed with a space for advertisements. For example, if your website is all about cricket, a separate portion of your web page can be devoted to advertising products and services relating to cricket. It may be endorsing a Cricket Club or Cricket goods such as jersey and kits. This exclusive section for advertisement would carry a periodical contract for which your website would be paid fixed or variable amount based on the contract clauses (like traffic details). This would provide your website with a chance to churn out revenue on a constant basis over a period of time.


Email marketing and Lead Generation:

Any business entity would need new leads to thrive and grow in the market. Of course, marketing and advertisement help, but with the world going digital, generating leads on the internet are cheaper and more efficient in term of geographical reach and age bandwidth. Adding a “Contact Us” in your web page for visitors to enquire more about the product or service your website endorses could often be used as a lead by many companies or as a way to market their product through email marketing. Contact us, newsletter subscriptions, Promotion of third party articles etc. are some of the ways of generating revenue for third party clients who use your website to market their products.


Donations & Premium Subscriptions:

Are you an NGO and Social Cause-related brand? You’ve got to read this.

Some of the website today render services such as newsletters and file hosting which would provide the users premium gateway options to various exclusive deals on products, services, and digital storage space etc. This would require the visitor or user to register them self by paying up a small subscription premium. Some of the websites which are inclined towards education and NGO services often ask for a donation.


Make – Create – Sell – Repeat

Even though this is not advised, selling the website along with its domain after creating and establishing its brand is also considered to be a way of generating revenue from websites. There are takers for websites which have a wide range and craze in the digital world. Small time entities which do not have a website would prefer buying an existing one with good reach (provided the company and the website endorse the same line of product or services) to creating one from scratch.

These are some of the ways you can monetize your websites. There are so many other ways to do the same. To know more about on this topic, Visit us at Our expertise in the field of digital marketing and websites would give you plenty more ideas to make your website beyond “just eye candy”!



Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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