Today I’ll be answering “how to access skills of a digital marketer?” one of the most common questions of a business owner or a brand manager.

With an evolution of sales and Marketing getting digital, there is an increase in demand for Digital marketer who can take the marketing efforts of the business to the highest level. Presently business owners are adopting the techniques of digital marketing that provides a better online conversion rate and reaches wider targeted audience thus giving a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

In response to the advertisements for the post of a digital marketing professional, organizations do receive a number of profiles for the post but the challenge lies in “Selecting the best one from the lot”.

There are many articles available online with regards to skills that a digital marketing professional must possess. In the next few points, I am going to cover how to access best of Pro Digital Marketer.

1)    How many clients and type of Industries they have worked with?

2)    Achievements they got for their clients and what worked out best for the client.

3)    Their approach, understanding, and passion towards marketing and Sales.

4)    Creative and Innovative ideas to Branding and Marketing.

5)    Data Analysis, Interpretation, and implementation.

6)    Acceptability to changing technology and ways of doing marketing (Acceptability to changing marketing evolution).

7)    How best they can utilize free tools and Organic Medium for the brand.

8)    Love towards Research and explore new tricks, tips, a tool to do think better.

9)    Self Motivation and ability to motivate others

10)    Ability to Learn and Knowledge Sharing attitude

11)    Ability to effectively communicate and Inspire or guide team, clients or target Audience

There are many online marketing professionals available in the market possessing/claiming to possess digital marketing skills like SEO, SEM, SMO, Referral marketing, analytical skills, email marketing, online reputation management and content marketing. But one must consider the above-mentioned points to select and hire the best DigitalMarketing Professional!

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