I just want to confirm one thing before we jump in and see how to draft a Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Industry and Hospitals. Are you a Doctor? A Hospital Owner or a Founder of Multi-Speciality Hospital? or a Founder of a Healthcare App? If yes, you’ve got to read this.

The main intention of this Digital Marketing Guide For Healthcare industry is not to mint money from the healthcare industry client but to help the Healthcare industry client to make a better digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is essential for every business to bring in a new customer, that applies to Healthcare Industry as well.

Like much other business, healthcare industry cannot float any offers “buy one and get one free”, “festive discounts”, “weekend or year-end sale”. The healthcare products have to be sold in a subtle way

Let’s discuss on Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

Increase in raise of wellness

More and more people are becoming responsible for taking care of themselves by having a proper diet with a regular workout schedule.



Patient Awareness

Patients are very much aware of their problems through the internet and they can even read medical reports.


Tracking Devices

Technology plays a big role in tracking our daily activities like running, walking and climbing with tech wearables at affordable rates.



When looking at a broader view about these healthcare industry trends, one thing is very clear.

That the industry is evolving to a patient-centric industry than a service industry.

why is Digital Marketing essential in the healthcare industry?

Like any other business Healthcare industry also needs Digital Marketing on a different scale.


How to create a successful Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Industry or a Multi-Speciality Hospital?

Step 1: Persona Identification

Step 2: Content Publication

Step 3: User Flow and Lead Magnets

Step 4: Increase Brand Recall

Identify your target: Persona Identification

Target identification is an essential step in every business. Based on which the content marketing strategy falls in place.

Basically, you must know what your target will be searching for. For example, you run a “knee replacement specialty hospital” based out of Bangalore, India.

Then, your customers are people who search for

“Knee replacement treatment cost”

”Best knee replacement hospitals in india”

“Best Knee Surgeons in bangalore”

Now your target is identified, we need a proper content to interact with your target persona.

The above case is just an example, If you’re a multi-specialty hospital you will have more specialty treatments to be targeted and each and every target persona will search for different keywords based on the type of treatment that they are looking for.

Content Publication

To publish any content under your brand name, you must have a website with a content management system embedded to it. I’ll cover how to host a simple website in just 1hr in my other tutorial.

Once your site is ready, add relevant content and call-to-actions

  • About your brand
  • Services provided
  • Blogs
  • Contact Forms
  • Address and Telephone

You’re now set to publish your blogs i.e, the contents that you wrote or got it written by a Digital Marketing Agency. Please do proofread it before it goes live since you’re a subject matter expert you might have a better view on the content.

Once your content is published on your website, install Yoast plugin to add title meta and descriptions to your articles. Now, wait for 1-2 weeks for your article to start appearing on the Google Search for the Keywords that we are targeting for.

Make sure your content has right call to actions like static forms embedded to your site and pop forms to capture the exit intent customers. This is explained in a much detailed manner in the next step, please don’t forget to read the full articles

Once you get the leads properly channelize it through a CRM or a Google sheet when you will be monitoring the lead quality and even do email and SMS campaigns.

User Flow and Lead Magnets

You’re all set to get a good traffic flow from various sources such as Google, Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Post the content in relevant medical forums) to receive maximum relevant traffic.

When the visitors are engaged with your content and now they will be ready to take an action in your website like filling up a contact form or sending an email or dialing a phone number. Now, it’s time to take help from automation tools like Drift Chat, Intercom or Hello Bar to engage the prospects with right marketing messages on various pop-ups with an ability to target based on various behaviors with the website. And get the right information to channelize it to the sales team and direct them to the next level that they would be interested to explore about your brand.

Digital Marketing in Healthcare especially in India has gone to the next level. We can see many brands in healthcare industry like PrimeDeq are now Digital and able to generate potential leads. We must accept that because of the internet penetration, target audience like patients ( In case oF B2C) or Hospitals (in case of B2B) are not just believing the doctors blindly they do look out for the second opinion or read about their medical condition on the internet. It’s time to become customer-centric Healthcare system with digital awareness.

Smart Digital Marketing Campaigns with relevant content push and remarketing to Increase Brand Recall.

It’s as easy as that, we will take care of your brand in-turn you can take care of your patients.



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