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Godrej Appliances: Jaw-dropping digital marketing campaign

Godrej Product Marketing

It could be anyone that may have told you that an Aloo Tikki looked as delicious as the real dish while glancing at an impressive capture spotted in a Facebook post and close to possibility that the post may have belonged to Godrej Appliances and not any otherwise offshore. Here, we present you a quick analysis of the official Godrej Appliances facebook page. 

As a creative agency team from Social Orange, we felt it was a spellbinding experience to come across and catch few glimpses of the creatives, how things have gone the extraordinary way of digital marketing that this page has proudly owned up to. Too many things had caught our attention! Thus we decided to note down and write in our blog of what we loved seeing on the Facebook page of Godrej Appliances.

Godrej Appliances: God’rage’ – The creative marketing is refreshingly fresh and cool as their products itself.

Ever wondered how cool an Electronic Appliances page could deliver it with food recipes that go along with their products, with a catchy hashtag that spanned #InstaChef? Now, isn’t that a workable strategy to pull the attention from their fans with some really, cool exciting cooking recipes and hacks? Despite the main product marketing strategy belonged to communicating that they are the expert brand at manufacturing electronic kitchen tools and appliances.

Aloo Tikki

It is quite a fascinating sight to know they come up with thought-provoking memes as well. To quote one #DadFixedIt campaign was pretty much a sensible take on father’s care and support in a house. If you are curious to know what we are talking about find this image below. This will get you started!

Daddy dearest

Are you a big Bollywood movie buff? If yes, then you would love to know how Godrej comes up with innovative posts that goes with iconic themes. An anticipating mom perhaps like the one shown in the image below would know how it feels to await her sons’ homecoming. Nothing like the love for food. Oh yes! A mom’s sentimental feeling at the end of day.

Take a look!

Karun Arjun Movie

If things are not going 180* as expected you might find some relief with a huge 360* turn. Guess what are we talking about? Fresh food and refrigerator go hand-in-hand and you might as well won’t be keen on giving away the leftovers to a fossil fuel amalgamation. Instead make use of Frost-Free refrigerator as you pave some thought put to #SochKeBanayaHai.

Food leftovers recipes

A goodnight thought you wouldn’t mind pondering about. Perhaps the only way you can resist the mighty mites giving you bites. Hey. Let’s not take it the other way. We are talking about the creative yet quite informational post to let you know how to keep the clothes clean and insect-free at nights.

Mite Bites treatment

Good mood comes with an alternate idea of embracing the weather and having it on a relaxing Sunday. Notwithstanding the current climate is less favoring the monsoon, it is always a nice thought to rejoice a leisure evening time as if the rains otherwise might have brought the thought of having one.

Monsoon food items

Have you thought you always had the knowledge about the #secretkitchenhacks which are not secrets anymore and you would love to share with them all on a page? Well, certainly you could. Pick the pieces of ideas and hurl them like a cracking glass of fire on floor.

You could do it this way as well.

Kitchen glass

Your mom would have been more happier if you knew you could do this at you in-laws’ home while you receive guests at the final minute situations. Well it is never too late to learn the secret cooking tips. Your chapati will love you more than ever without the traditional style of showering “flour” as gifts of love.

Dough Maker Online

Now let us have a look at the interesting comments that gave some wires to the electronic appliance page.

Facebook Comments

Facebook comments

We cannot afford to miss out on the contest posts as we do not get a second chance though they have been kind enough to mention in their post – #GiveLoveAChance . And you wouldn’t believe how comments stormed like a typhoon that never saw its return.

Jalebi recipes

Have you witnessed anything as cool as  MS Dhoni? You might want to say a “hi “ to  the Air Conditioners from Godrej, because it cools you down after a hot treatment from Mr.Sun. Same as what the campaign stands for  #AlwaysThereForYou, you could literally feel the essence of the brand coming through by the message they communicate with their creative posts.

Air Conditioner type

Did you like our blog? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below and we can have a healthy discussion about it. If you are looking for a creative Social Media Marketing agency that provides expert work in creative branding and viral marketing in the digital space for your brand, drop a message to us. We can do it for you! Based out of Bangalore with an impressive clientele list we would love to have you on board to provide profitable digital marketing services.

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Srividhya Sridharan

Srividhya Sridharan

Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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