September 19, 2016

Digital Media Marketing

Enhance your Digital Media Marketing ROI, with SocialOrange’s algorithmic bidding and cross-channel audience targeting techniques in which the account managers are trained and have shown drastic results over the last few years.

With constant evolution of trends and technologies in Digital Media Marketing, all our talents will undergo corporate training programs with one of the finest Digital marketing Training companies in India


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Through Digital Media Marketing we help brands to reach, establish and expand a good relationship with their TG’s.

  • Intent-based targeting let’s us to reach the exact TG who is about to consume the service or a product.
  • The campaigns will be coupled with retargeting to bring down the cost per conversion or per lead value
  • We help brand’s to discover their new TG’s based on our extensive keyword research for every campaign.
  • We support our clients with relevant content and campaign ideas that help’s them to maintain a lifetime value with their customers.



Digital media marketing


SEO also termed as Search Engine Optimization, is all about polishing your website and letting the Google Bot’s to know about your website for the most relevant keywords in your Industry.

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Press Release / PR / Bookmarking
  • Site level Suggestion
  • Increasing User Engagement levels on the site.
  • Blogs
  • Vlogs


Here is a proof of our SEO service, for



Digital Marketing email marketing

Here at SocialOrange we handle the traditional Email Marketing with a voguish approach.

Email Marketing provides much promise that any other means of marketing and we have mastered it.


  • HTML responsive email design
  • Marketing Automation Campaigns
  • Dripping Campaigns / Sequencing Campaigns
  • Special email campaigns for e-com portals




digital marketing app install ads


App install ads are the talk of the town now-a-days, every business is coming up with their own app and we’re really excited to see the shift of ad spend from website visits to app installs. Thanks to the app/bot revolution.

  • Pay Only for Installs
  • Multiple Ad sets
  • A/B testing for measuring creative performance
  • 3X eCPM
  • ROI based investment of Ad budgets