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This Jewellery retail outlet generated targeted leads in and around their outlet at Bareilly with a CPL at INR 15


A small budget can often make a big impact on a brand’s digital marketing strategy. We recently designed a campaign for one of our clients wherein they spent less than Rs 1500 and get almost 100 new leads.


The Client

Our client was a jewellery retail outlet based in Bareilly, UP. The brand designed and sold gold and silver jewellery and curios.


The Campaign

The campaign was designed around the wedding season to generate new leads of potential customers who would be interested in the brand’s wedding jewellery.This lead generation campaign was run on Facebook and targetted newly engaged couples who were planning their wedding. The idea behind this targetting was that these couples would be interested in buying jewellery for their upcoming nuptials.


How We Went About It and Tips You Can Use

The campaign was designed as a contest for newly engaged couples. The prize offered was a pre-wedding photo shoot by an eminent photographer in a beautiful location. The objective of the campaign was to increase engagement with the brand’s target audience and increase brand awareness.


#Tip1 Decide on the Type of Campaign

There are many different types of campaigns one could design on social media. Some campaigns are designed to increase engagement, some to manage a brand’s reputation, some to generate leads etc. For a campaign to be successful, the aim must be clear at the onset of the campaign. This campaign was designed specifically to increase brand awareness and get new leads.

#Tip2 Sequence your Campaign

There’s a lot more to running a campaign than simply publishing a good looking graphic. A digital campaign must have a sequence of events.

For this campaign, we started with a Teaser post. This did not give out many details of the contest but told viewers to watch the space for an upcoming contest. Once informed about an upcoming contest, our target audience checked back on the page frequently so that when we posted the main post, it was seen by a majority of our target audience.


The actual post for the contest was designed with warm graphics that would appeal to couples and a clear Call to Action – in this case, to win a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. The graphic as accompanied by a caption that gave the viewer clear instructions on how to take part in the contest.


The contest was run for a limited time and so, next on our schedule was a post defining the end of the contest period. This also acted as a teaser for the announcement of winners.


And finally, we announced the winners.

Tip#3 Target the Right Locations


When we started the campaign we targeted couples only in Bareilly. However, Bareilly is a relatively small city. We soon noticed that we were getting responses not only from the city but from other small towns around it as well. This led us to believe that people from surrounding towns came to Bareilly for their wedding trousseau shopping.

So, we refined our location targeting by targeting not only Bareilly but the towns around it as well. This reduced our per cost lead and gave the jewellery brand a wider audience.

The Results

Our client spent only Rs 1400 on this campaign. This expense got the brand noticed by over 16,000 people and generated almost 100 new leads. The winners of the contest were delighted and hopefully, they will turn to this brand for their wedding jewellery.


So, you don’t have to spend big money to get big results. Even if you’re on a limited budget, we can help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Drop by our office and let’s design something special just for you.

Gourav Anand

Gourav Anand

Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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