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Tips to reduce your Cost Per Result in Facebook Ad Campaign


It is a myth that you need to spend a lot of money to reduce your cost per result in Facebook Ad Campaign. What you really need is a well-designed campaign that targets the right segment of people, uses the right call to action cues and a clear lead generation form. One of our clients recently saw the results of such an effort when we ran a campaign for them.

The Client


Our client was an upmarket, international furniture studio that was recently launched in Bangalore. The brand retails wooden and mixed media luxury furniture, home decor and lighting accessories for homes.

The Campaign


Though the brand has a strong international presence, it had only been recently launched in India. Hence, the aim of the campaign was to make the brand visible to interior designers and home decorators who would need furniture and home decor accessories for their ongoing and upcoming projects.

How We Went About It and Tips You Can Use:


We strongly believe in keeping things simple. Given the aim of the campaign, designing a landing page was not really necessary. What we did need was a lead form. Here are some of the things we did and tips that could help you design a good campaign for your brand.

Tip#1 Keep a close Eye on your Campaign


It isn’t always necessary for a campaign to run the way you imagined it would. When we started the campaign, we did not get the type of leads we wanted. So, after spending around Rs 300, we decided to pause the campaign and relook at some of its aspects.

We realized that though the form asked the right questions, it did not look very visually appealing. We redesigned the form to be more aesthetic and restarted the campaign. Soon, we were getting exactly the kind of leads the campaign was designed for.


Tip #2 Use the Right Call to Action Cues


The image a campaign is designed around definitely plays a crucial role in your campaign’s success. However, this is not the only element. An image can be interpreted in many different ways. To ensure that it gets the kind of attention you need, you need to use the right Call to Action cues on the creative and in the copy.

We designed the text on the creative to be short and crisp yet attention-grabbing. This campaign was designed as a contest. Hence, the text on the creative was used to announce the same. We did not include any of the details about the contest rules, how to participate etc on the creative as this would reduce the impact of our announcement.

All the details of the contest were made a part of the caption to go with the image. We wrote text that aroused curiosity in the mind of the reader and made them want to participate by stressing on how participation was easy and would not take up too much time.

Tip #3 Pay Attention to Your Lead Form


Though the campaign was designed as a contest, the aim was to generate new leads for the brand. Our lead form was the key to this campaign. Since we were targeting designers, it had to be aesthetically pleasing. To show designers that we valued their time, we also designed the form to be clear and crisp. It literally took the audience no more than 60 seconds to go through the form and give relevant answers.

Tip #4 Align your Target Audience and Campaign Objectives


As a campaign run for a luxury brand, targeting the right audience was critical to the success of this campaign. We did not want to simply gather a lot of impressions from people who were not part of the brand’s target audience. Hence, we fine tuned our targeting to reach out only to established interior designers and home decor experts. This was done by targeting niche interests and the industry associated with a respondent.

The Results


Our efforts paid off rich dividends for this campaign. By investing a small amount of Rs 2,300, our client was able to reach out to 4,600 designers and decorators. We generated 33 new leads for the company which in turn have the potential of generating new business worth hundreds of thousands for them.

So, would you like us to design your next campaign?

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Gourav Anand

Gourav Anand

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2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your blog, seems to be useful information 

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