How can Viral Video marketing Campaigns help for Hiring?

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“Hiring the best is your most important job” ~ Steve Jobs

What’s new in town, yep we have a great content marketing agency that kept every job applicant on their toes.

SocialOrange, with its new Viral Video Campaign, has managed to demonstrate a new route for hiring.



Any campaign that is ideated and executed by SocialOrange will always manage to win the customer’s hearts and the brand’s respective TG. Do you remember the #travelmemories campaign for a taxi brand?

Here is a problem addressed by SocialOrange: Hiring

The Difference in Idea:

Usually, brands used to take up either a paid Job posting platform or they will try to hire an HR recruitment agency to get things done. But, the brand managers at SocialOrange took this challenge and came up with a Viral Video Campaign for hiring and as usual the metrics were set before going live with the campaign.

Target Set: 100 resumes in 24 hours

Here are the mindblowing stats of the Viral Video Campaign

Viral Video Marketing Campaign


Post wise facts of the camapign


The Campaign was a huge Success


no paid activity only organic


The Marketing spend for the campaign is Zero and we were able to achieve 140 resumes

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