What comes to our mind when you device an off-page SEO strategy, I’m sure it is to get “as many backlinks as possible”.

Off page is not about getting higher backlinks or link building, it is to improve the position of a website in Search Engine Result Page(SERP) and to maintain the position by devising strategies to battle against the competition.

I hope you would have heard about these two jargons “Do Follow” and “No Follow” links.

Webmasters generally tend to create a backlink from websites which provide “Do follow” link and ignore “No Follow” link.

The logic behind getting backlinks is to help search engine spiders to crawl and Index website with “Do follow link” and visitors to get referred from high-quality websites with “No-Follow” Links. Although “No Follow” Link does not provide SEO Link value, it definitely helps you get good quality referral traffic which in turn helps you in getting more leads and conversions.

Example for Backlink from relevant blog



Ethical practice for a White-Hat Off-Page SEO Strategy:

  • Get back links form relevant and high-quality sites only.
  • Check IP address of the website you want to get the link from in order to avoid link networks or you will face the repercussions along with those sites getting banned.
  • Get few “No Follow” paid links.
  • Keep an eye on broken internal and external links.
  • Maintain a good balance between do follow and no follow back links.
  • Increase social presence.
  • Create content that drives user engagement.
  • Maintaining good online reputation.

One of the best tools you can use to list quality websites to get back link from is SEO Excel plug-in.

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