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Top 5 Social Media Campaign Ideas for this New Year 2020

Top 5 social Media Ideas for 2020

How well are you prepared with your social media campaign for the year 2020?

How was your brand’s social media presence this year so far, we are about to get things geared up for the year 2020.

Today I’m here to share ……

the top 5 social media campaigns that you can host on your social media channels for the upcoming year.

to get more likes, comments and followers for your brand’s.

Stay tuned till the last,

I have a few bonus tips to reduce your social media efforts and increase your productivity.

Are you excited guys? Let’s get it started.

Tip number 1 – create user-generated content
Yes! You heard it right,

creating user-generated content from your target audience has a great value than your graphic designed content.
So, how do we do that,

according to a study by AdWeek ….76% of people are more likely to trust an average person when it comes to purchasing decisions.

So, how do we get the user-generated content done from your target audience?

It’s as simple as that…

Host a campaign on social media and ask the customers to participate in the campaign using
#hashtags, in which they have to use their own photography
or their own recommendations or content and upload it on social media

using certain #hashtags through which you can monitor the performance of the campaign

I have put some links to the campaigns that I am referring to,

please do check out in the description below.

Tip number 2 – Giveaway contest

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Atleast I do

When it comes to hosting a giveaway contest

I would say…. most of the brands hesitate to do it , but if you can handle it strategically it’s a very good way to increase your followers.

For example, if you are hosting a giveaway contest and you are giving something that’s really important for your target audience.

Consider, If you’re targeting Mom’s who are actively looking for baby food.
Then the free giveaway must be a feeding bottle.
Then the right target audience who are moms with babies get so attached to the brand and

don’t forget to pull up some rules to contest

tell them that they gotta go and like facebook page, follow the Instagram handle and tweet some pictures with their baby

using a hashtag or post a picture with baby using a hashtag

and make sure…. that you measure all the Impressions, and the winner can be recorded based on that.

Hope this definitely helps you.

Tip number 3 – Tag-a-friend contest

Tag a friend contest

this contest will help you to generate more referrals purchases.

your target audience is tagging someone from their friend list and that person could probably be your target audience as well.

If your target audience is a mom,
who is looking for baby food and when you ask them to tag someone from their friends list
they will obviously tag their school mate or colleague who is a mom or mom-to-be. Friends will have more similarities

hence your cost per acquisition goes down by X%.

Moving onto the next tip

Tip number 4 – Behind the scenes

Post behind the scenes on ……how your business works to satisfy the target audience.

Either in a picture or video form.

this will definitely create a very good sense of attachment with your target audience and helps you to build a strong relationship …..

which means ….. more sales and high conversions.

Tip number 5 – Use Facebook reactions

Use Facebook reactions and reduce the human effort to gain engagement.

Use Facebook reaction at its advantage to get more engagement on your posts.

This will help you to improve your page rankings and the organic reach.

More engagement leads to reach more people organically, for example,

you can just say how many people like “Gold” and how many people like “silver” if you like gold just click the like reaction if you like silver love reaction.

Using it in your calendar planning don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments down below.

I know I know you are waiting for the bonus level right.

As promised I have shared the links of the templates that we are using for our social media campaigns.

I hope you enjoyed this video see you later in part 2

on top 10 Social Media Campaign Ideas for 2020.

I’ll be sharing more insightful tips that will help you to increase your social media ROI.

Please check the descriptions if you are watching this video on Facebook or YouTube.

Leo Prabhu

Leo Prabhu

Hi I am Leo Prabhu from Chennai. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2014 and eventually founded Social Orange.

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chandan Singh
2 years ago

Yes, I agree with you, I am also a digital marketer and the information given by you will be very helpful for me.

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