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A Quick Checklist to Select the Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

best digital marketing company in bangalore

Do your know how many digital marketing companies are there in Bangalore? Let us dig some numbers here.

There are 4828 digital marketing companies in India, as per Add the city filter for Bangalore. You will see 345 Best Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore.

top 10 digital marketing companies in bangalore

Then there are big-time digital marketing agencies that will not have websites or a good SEO campaign. You will also have advertising companies that will provide digital marketing services.

If you add all these numbers, then you will get roughly 5000 digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. Out of these many digital marketing agencies, how will you find the best digital marketing company in Bangalore?

In this blog, let me walk you through selecting the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore. Based on different screening techniques and digital marketing campaign budgets.

How to Screen the Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Agency is one of the business models that has a very slim entry barrier.

Anyone with an internet connection and a laptop can set up a website and start offering digital marketing services. So, how do you find which is the best suitable digital marketing agency for you?

Let us start our search.

Generally, you can group digital marketing agencies into two types.

  • Specialized service digital marketing agency
  • Full-service digital marketing agency

What is a Specialized service digital marketing agency?

A specialized digital marketing agency delivers only one or two digital marketing services in which they are an expert. A specialized agency has a strong core team to fulfil their offered services.

For example, an agency offers only SEO and lead generation service.

What is a full-service digital marketing agency?

A full-service digital marketing agency offers the entire range of digital marketing services. A full-service agency has a vast team to execute all the services that they offer.

For example, An agency offers only search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), social media marketing(SMM) and many more.

Now that you have understood the difference between a specialized and a full-service digital marketing agency. Let us move to campaign objectives.

A Quick Checklist Before You Hire a Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

  1. Know Your Customers (KYC): Do a persona research audit and keep it handy. You can share your target audience details with the agency.

For example: If you are selling baby food, your persona audit will be something like the one below

Name: Nidi
Gender: women
Age: 25 – 35
Married: Yes
Parent: Yes
Location: Top metro cities
Work: Working Women / Homemaker
Personal Goals: Feed healthy food for the baby
Professional Goals: Manage home / get a new promotion/salary raise

  1. Goals: Create actionable plans sets for your digital marketing campaign

For example:
SEO Goal:50000 visitors/month
PPC Goal:100 leads/day
SMM Goal:100000 reach/day

  1. Deliverables: Create a list of deliverables that you need from the digital marketing agency

For example:
Content plan
Number of blogs per month
Content marketing strategy

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Set up key performance indicators to measure and track the campaign’s effectiveness.

For example:

Number of website sessions/month
Number of new visitors/ month
Number of newsletter signups/ month

  1. Results & Reports: When and how do you want to get the reports to cross-check the campaign progress. The reports will have all the KPIs measured for a period and compared with the previous period.

For example:

Weekly reporting
Fortnight reporting
Monthly reporting

  1. Backup Plan: Be ready with a backup plan.

For example: If your SEO campaign takes a long time to kick in results, plan for a PPC campaign that can give instant results in sales and increase your revenue. By doing so, you will be able to fuel your SEO campaign without a break.

Portfolio of Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Once you finalize the top 10 best digital marketing companies in Bangalore to work for your brand, make sure you check their portfolio and digital marketing case studies.

The digital marketing agencies must have published their case studies on their blogs sections or some exclusive website pages.

The digital marketing agencies will have portfolio pages, do not forget to check that out.

You can check out our portfolio pages here.

digital marketing agencies in bangalore

Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore Selection Based on Reviews

Based on your thoughts and how impressed you are after seeing the portfolio pages of the digital marketing companies. You can filter the best five digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

Further down the funnel, you can use your reference and testimonial technique.

Reviews of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

You need to check three primary forms of reviews before selecting the best digital marketing company to work on your project. I have ranked these Review based selections of digital marketing companies based on their trust and authenticity factors.

  1. Google Reviews
  2. Client Testimonial Videos
  3. Text-Based Feedback

Google Reviews

Visit Google, type the digital marketing agency name, and get to their google business listing to cross-check their Review.

The Google reviews are authentic and almost impossible to fake. Google has its algorithm to block any inauthentic Review.

Check out our Google Business listing and review it below.

digital marketing companies bangalore

Client Testimonial Videos

You can check the video testimonial on the agency website and their social media pages. This type of Review is impossible to fake.

You can google the name of the company and the business owner name found on the Review. This way, you can quickly identify the agency’s clients and business industries that the agency has already worked.

Check out our client video testimonials below.

digital marketing agency in bangalore

Text-Based Client Testimonials

It would be better to see the reviews as a tweet or FB review or an email communication screenshot.

Generally, the website theme comes with default dummy review blogs. It can be updated from the backend by the owner of the website.

The authenticity of this Review is doubtful.

Match Your Budget & Minds with the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

Now you will have only the top 3 digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

A pricey proposal does not mean that the quality of the service is excellent; it is about the brains behind the strategy.

The digital marketer who is heading the campaign must match your mindset and the brand objectives.

The digital marketing agency should have some history working in the same industry or product of yours.

It is time to compare the budgets and the brains behind the campaign. Suppose you feel that the proposal from the digital marketing agency is a costly affair for you. Try to negotiate or have a call with the agency head to suggest starting with a base strategy and minimal budget.

Once you start and try small campaigns, you can trust the agency with a bigger budget.

For example, You can start a simple PPC campaign before committing a 6-9-month SEO strategy with a digital marketing agency.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency is an Extended Internal Marketing Team

Deciding to hire the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore is the easiest decision that you could make. But, to choose the best and work along with them is a different game.

It is not everybody’s cup of tea. Managing both internal and external marketing teams needs much focus.

More or less, if you hire a digital marketing agency, they must act as an extended internal marketing team rather than an outsourced agency.

Choose – The best digital marketing company in Bangalore as an extended internal marketing team of you company.

Leo Prabhu

Leo Prabhu

Hi I am Leo Prabhu from Chennai. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2014 and eventually founded Social Orange.

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