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Maximizing Lead Generation Success: A Case Study



In today’s blog, we dive into an intriguing case study featuring a long-standing client we’ve been working with for the past 6-7 years. This client is a consultant specializing in Visa services. We’ll be sharing insights from our lead generation campaign for them, which began with numerous challenges and a significant ad spend. Stick around to the end for valuable strategies that can amplify your business’s success in lead generation.

The Campaign Overview

Let’s start with a snapshot of our recent campaign results. Over the last 26 days, we’ve invested nearly 1.6 million in ad spend. However, we had an older ad account that had to be discontinued due to policy violations. In total, we’ve invested a substantial sum in these campaigns. So, what’s the payoff? The numbers speak for themselves. We’ve generated an impressive 1.6 million leads in the last year.

When our client initially approached us, they faced two major hurdles. Firstly, they struggled to generate high-quality leads consistently. Secondly, their conversion rates were hampered by high cost per lead. However, our intervention led to significant improvements.

Optimizing the Landing Page

The pivotal first step was optimizing their landing page. We created a lightning-fast WordPress landing page with a clear call to action, a user-friendly form, and trust-building elements like videos and testimonials. But what set our approach apart were the AI-based tools embedded into the page. We utilized tools like Hotjar to track user behavior, identifying where visitors spent the most time and how they navigated the site. This invaluable information allowed us to make data-driven decisions and enhance user engagement.

Implementing Pre-Qualification

One of the key issues our client faced was receiving leads that didn’t meet their specific qualifications. To address this, we incorporated pre-qualification questions into the lead generation process. We asked about work experience, age, qualifications, city of residence, and current job role. By filtering out irrelevant inquiries, we significantly reduced the time the sales team spent with low-quality leads, while boosting conversion rates with high-quality prospects.

Automated Communication

We ensured a smooth communication process between our client and their leads. When a lead submitted a form, our client received instant notifications. We also programmed email notifications to keep leads informed about the next steps in the process. This automated approach not only streamlined communication but also enhanced the overall user experience.

Testimonials and Client Engagement

Additionally, we assisted our client in creating engaging videos from satisfied clients. We provided guidance on how to approach clients for testimonials and how to build trust-building sequences. These videos, along with automated email notifications, contributed to an improved client experience and increased trust in our client’s services.

Client Testimonial

As a testament to our enduring partnership, Mr. Syed, a co-founder of the immigration consultancy, shared his testimonial in 2018, reflecting on the exceptional results we’ve achieved together. This partnership has spanned more than five years and continues to thrive.


In closing, if you’re looking to boost your conversions in lead generation, take away these key lessons:

1. Know Your Target Audience: Understanding your audience is crucial for tailored lead generation.

2. Pre-Qualify Leads: Implement pre-qualification to filter out irrelevant inquiries and save valuable time.

3. Analyze Landing Page Performance: Utilize tools to understand how users interact with your landing page and make data-driven improvements.

By following these strategies, you can achieve remarkable results, just as we did with our esteemed client. For a more in-depth analysis of our strategies and results, reach out for a consultation. Here’s to your lead generation success!


What is the main focus of the case study?

The main focus of this case study is on maximizing lead generation success, specifically for a long-standing client in the Visa services consulting industry.

What were the initial challenges faced by the client?

The client initially faced two major challenges: difficulty generating high-quality leads consistently and high cost per lead, affecting their conversion rates.

How was the landing page optimized?

The landing page was optimized by creating a fast-loading WordPress page with a clear call to action, a user-friendly form, and trust-building elements like videos and testimonials. AI-based tools, such as Hotjar, were used to track user behavior and enhance user engagement.

What role did pre-qualification questions play in the lead generation process?

Pre-qualification questions were incorporated to filter out irrelevant inquiries and ensure that leads met specific qualifications. This reduced the time the sales team spent with low-quality leads and improved conversion rates.

How was communication streamlined between the client and their leads?

Communication was streamlined through instant notifications to the client when a lead submitted a form. Email notifications were also programmed to keep leads informed about the next steps in the process.

What strategies were used to build trust and engagement with clients?

Strategies included creating engaging videos from satisfied clients, obtaining client testimonials, and implementing trust-building sequences. These efforts, along with automated email notifications, improved the overall client experience and trust in the client’s services.

Leo Prabhu

Leo Prabhu

Hi I am Leo Prabhu from Chennai. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2014 and eventually founded Social Orange.

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