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How to choose the right SEO company for your business

How to choose right SEO company

This section of our website will throw light on how SEO companies can be evaluated to outsource your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, without burning your fingers.

For the last 5 years, we’ve been in the Digital Marketing industry doing SEO for clients from various industries. With our experience, we have learned and evolved as an expert SEO specialist. Wondering how can we say that? We have mastered it on our own website as well. We could successfully rank SocialOrange for almost 54 highly competitive keywords pertaining to our industry.

You may be here reading this by clicking one of our targeted keyword for which we are ranking on the first page of Google. Just to prove my point, if you check your history path you can confirm the same.

Current scenario for ranking in SERP


Back in time when we started to optimise our website for the targeted keywords, Search Engines mostly used to consider the number of backlinks and keyword stuffing. The current scenario has changed completely. Now in order to provide more relevant search results to the visitors, search engine bots give priorities to content and user-friendliness of the website than just backlinks and domain authority.

Case study


I can give you a classic example to prove my point. A few weeks back one of the company under hospitality industry in Bangalore with college students as their target audience were searching for the “best SEO companies in Bangalore” to perform their SEO campaigns. Eventually, they landed upon Social Orange from one of our best long tail keyword (I will explain about the long tail keyword in my next blog) that gives us the right traffic. The customer submitted an inquiry, they liked our plan and we boarded them in.

Challenge – The client wants to rank on mobile search results asap since the college admissions dates are very close by, but their website domain authority is below 3 out of 100 and the domain is just a month old.

How did we overcome the challenge and help the client rank


The team SocialOrange drafted a smart plan to rank their website by without even changing anything on their homepage or inner pages. We just believed in our SEO mantra “Content is the King”

Oh Yeah we started to rank

Fill up this form to know more about the case and we can draft a sample SEO plan for your brand as well. Click here to fill the form.

In just a weeks time, the brand started ranking for the most crucial keyword in 5th position. Please find the below screenshot.

SEO Company Bangalore

Where do companies go wrong with SEO


Search engines are smart enough and keep changing the factors of ranking by updating the algorithms.Many companies hire newbies and fail to provide proper training or SEO professionals having less experience for their in-house Digital Marketing team. Most of the time companies think that they just need to create backlinks and hence justify this hiring. This does not work any more and most of the time backfires as the less experienced team are focused only on creating backlinks by all means (Including irrelevant and spammy sites). Google Search Engines now with the help of its updated algorithms, penalizes backlinks from spammy sites or unnatural backlinks (Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results)

How Companies needs to hire their SEO Agency


  • Check out the number of years of experience along with industry experience the SEO professional holds.
  • Know about their case studies and achievements
  • Try to know how much knowledge they hold and if they are capable of making strategies which will help you to rank. This is
  • particularly because SEO strategy for all the clients differ based on their industry and sometimes website structure.
  • In case you are hiring an agency, check out if they are ranking for themselves for the targeted keywords.

Social Orange is proud to say that we do meet all the above qualifications to be your perfect SEO partner.
Our SEO story doesn’t end there. We keep us up to date to learn and adopt new SEO combat skills to keep your website on top for the right keywords.



The Following are the must done checklist to optimise your website and to rank in the search engines.

Got takeaway

  1. UI and UX – check for all CTAs( Call to action ) in place
  2. Keyword Research – Check for the keyword trends and intent.
  3. Title tag, Breadcrumbs, Meta Descriptions.
  4. Two valuable giveaways per page is a must.
  5. Site Audit for crawl errors.
  6. Server speed check.
  7. Image compression on new pages.
  8. Add new and engaging contents to your website.
  9. Check the bounce rate of your website
  10. Repeat the last 9 steps on a weekly basis.

Fill up form to know more about the case and we can draft a sample SEO plan for your brand as well. Click here to fill the form.



Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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