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How did this brand get 100+ shares on each Social Media Post?

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This edtech brand is a famous technical training company hired SocialOrangeBest Social Media Marketing Agnecy in Bangalore. The brand Acadlid is facing the challenge of increasing its organic post reach on Facebook. They had over 1250000 likes on their company Facebook page. Check out the page using the below link.

Table of Contents

The likes on their Facebook page are acquired through targeted ads with a primary objective of lead generation.

The brand is concentrating on generating leads for the following tech courses.

  • Java Developer
  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Ethical Hacking

The brand wants to leverage its Facebook followers and increase its organic post reach and engagement. Since Acadgild had a perfect targeted follower base, SocialOrage knew that we could drive the organic reach and engagement by delivering a solid content plan.

Before onboarding us, the brand posted every two days once on their Facebook business page with a reach of 4% – 6% of their total fan base.


SocialOrange has convinced the brand that we need to work on a solid content strategy and not a design strategy.

The SocialOrange team started brainstorming ideas for social media posts.

Our Social Media Strategists took some developers’ input since the brand’s target audience is also a developer community.

Since we know that we will talk to a bunch of techies, we started visiting the various forums where these techies digitally hang out.

We wanted to see what they talk about and how to gain their attention.

We visited every digital forum that’s focused on developers out there.

The following are the few forum names.


We almost visited around 30 such forums to identify content buckets that are around our targeted developer community.

We identified a pattern by doing this activity.

The developers associated/interacted well on all the forums on images or videos that have humor around codes and their lifestyle.

One strange thing is that the developers associate themselves well when the post is not designed by following a brand pattern.

The developers are primarily interacting with posts that have just black and white and yellow.

Black, white & yellow is the color that they see a day on and day out on their coding screen/software.

Now everyone wants to be a software developer, as interest in coding  rockets -


Social Orange presents the finding to the brand, and the brand trusts the numbers presented and the strategy proposed.

We proceeded further to create content buckets based on our findings.

We presented our first week’s posts to the brand.

The brand liked our approach and gave the go-ahead.

We started posting. After five days of posting every day, we saw a significant spike in post reach and engagement.

We analyzed the content that worked well and the content that didn’t work well.

Based on this analytical data, we fine-tuned our content strategy.

From there on, we had massive success with our social media content strategy.

Every post will get 100+ shares that help us to reach a million people.

Some posts will have 1000+ comments and 1000+ likes.

Once the trend picks up on the Facebook page, Facebook’s algorithm understood the value of the content, and we would get a great push for the initial 3 hours from the posting time.

The brand’s organic reach and engagement improved by 1000+% every month on month.

I have attached some of the posts that did well. Please check it out. Let’s get a social media strategy that works for your brand and reach millions of people with a solid social media strategy. Please schedule a consultation call with us today!

Leo Prabhu

Leo Prabhu

Hi I am Leo Prabhu from Chennai. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2014 and eventually founded Social Orange.

Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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