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How to get 1000 likes, 2000 share and 3000 comments on every page posts like Bewakoof

Get more likes, share and comments for Facebook post like Bewakoof do

It’s time to relook at your Digital Marketing Company or Agency who’s handling your brand on Social Channels for a better brand recall.

“Appearances could be deceptive”, well in a positive way as applied and if it has to mean a non-person form and has something do with the online category, you would probably do not want to miss the stunning Facebook page of the popular clothing brand

One may ask after looking through their facebook posts, what is the relation intended to imply through the memes with that of the clothes & accessories they endorse?

Simply put : Today, the manner in which a social media brand page gets perceived depends a lot on the brand recalling powers exercised by the audience (Mostly what they see, hear and share) and that is precisely what makes Bewakoof, not just another online selling clothing brand but an unconventional social media marketing winner.

Similar to Bewakoof, Social Orange has also been following a unique social media content formula for each of its clients to make their brand page eye-catchy, content-friendly and shows that every inch of effort has chances of creating impact.

Read the article completely and see what Social Orange has in store, as you could win a small takeaway but of course with a big benefit awaiting you.

Let us break it down pointwise on the various nature of memes that are quite relatable as seen on the page.

Interestingly the following meme post struck well with all age group category of the audience as it inadvertently takes a satirical take at the plight of engineering students of where they end up getting placed after finishing the course.


Mostly Bollywood (assuming everyone loves watching it over and over again) related meme posts that have the knack of gaining the attention at any moment of the day and perhaps gives you a good dosage of laughter to proceed for the day.

For instance, take a look at the interview meme. Bewakoof has intelligently used a scene straight out of 3 idiots movie to narrate the situation.


Who would have imagined linking a shoe/chappal and another accessory to buy can directly be taken out of the real-life experience? And look at the whopping response to the post! 11K !! ( The Social Media Strategist sitting at the desk had a good day at work, indeed.)

Screenshot 1


“MEN SURELY WILL BE MEN”. Well, what is new now? Is that your question? Take a look at the below to know.


If you are interested in “picking” clothes with the perfect “pick-up” one liner, catch it here:

(Perfect one liners on our T-shirts-



Have you ever wondered a situation wherein one day, your friend stops tagging you in memes and leaves you to feel jittery all of a sudden? Something that got so used, maybe you should try changing your wardrobe style. What’s the relation? Didn’t understand? Well, have a look.


The below caption they used will tell you the “hidden truth” about it.

“The disappointment is real 😛

Revamp your wardrobe –

The audience did not take an effort to hold back as they immediately started tagging their “meme-tagging” friends on the post. The pain is real. Ain’t it?

Bewakoof has been pretty good not just with their online sales but with the social media marketing as well. They have clearly set the bar high for other similar pages.

And it is about time for you to reach at the top of social media marketing just like how Bewakoof has been doing. Yes. Are you interested in getting a meme creative done for your brand? We at Social Orange are excited to bring you some stunning creatives that speak volumes about your online branding. Contact us at with the details of your-

– Name

– Mobile number

– Work email id.

We will get back to you at the earliest. Till then, happy memes watching!


Srividhya Sridharan

Srividhya Sridharan

Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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