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6 Factors affecting your Video Production Cost for your brand | Explained in detail |


Hi, this is Leo here. Welcome to another video.

Today I’m going gonna tell you Factors Affecting Your Video Production Cost your Brand a video. Let it be an animated video. Let it be a real shoot or a product shot or even a product shot like as big as it’s a car. Today I’m going gonna give you the complete details on how much does it going to cost you to produce a well-equipped video for your marketing. So let’s get started.

There are six factors that are affecting the cost of your video. I’m going to break up into one by one so please check out the entire video. I’m going to give you an actual case study in the video where I’m going to describe a particular video and behind the scenes of it like what would be the cost involved in producing this kind of video. I’m going to give you the cost breakup of this entire shoot. But before that let’s just complete these six factors that are affecting your production cost.

First one is the length of the video.

As long as you’re sure about the length of the video that you’re going to produce you can actually plan for the required number of man hours for post-production as well as shoot. So, for example, you have to produce a video for one minute. You should actually need at least 1 hours of footage to bring it to 1-minute footage unless it is not so simple as like the video that I’m doing now. But what I’m talking is something video like this. So have a look at it and you can preplan your production accordingly based on the timeline of the video that you’re planning to produce. So it’s one minute of video requires 1 hour of production time.

So the next factor that’s going to affect your production cost is content.

So what kind of content you’re planning to spin along with your marketing campaign that also depends. So basically if you’re planning for a content that is having a very big budget, for example, going to two, three cities or covering up two, three places in the same city. So it was a lot of logistics of all production crew, all the artists to move there and all of that and also the location permissions all of this. So make sure that the content is as simple as that when you start. But if you’re a big brand, if you have budgets to do that please go ahead and have your creativity is sparkled up. But if you are a brand who is looking for a small budget and small production crew and budget-restricted within the time limit and all of that go for content and creativity that’s very simple less to execute in a simple room or in a green match studio. So this is what my suggestion is.

And the next factor is timelines.

So basically this also increases your production cost. Let me clarify how it actually affects. Basically, if you have 10 designers working on a project get completed, so, for example, two days. For example, you have only one video designer who’s working on the project, it will approximately take more time right. That’s what I meant. So if you’re looking to complete the project in a very short timeline you should involve a lot of video designers and that increases your cost. So it all again rewards to the total time that you’re trying to produce. For example over one minute video can be edited in just one day but not like a 15-minute video, it takes a lot of time because post-production is again a very big vas subject. If you have experts in this field you will be able to understand what I’m trying to tell you here.

So the next factor that’s going to affect your production cost is a difficulty. Either it could be a shoot or in terms of animation or post-production.

So, for example, you are planning to produce something like a rematch shot, file down scene and all of that. So the production cost also is very huge for that and the post-production also requires a lot of engineers and video designers. It is depending on the difficulty of the project that you are planning to create. So make sure that your difficulty level is very low as possible when you start your production work. This will help you out in terms of getting your cost under your control and make sure that you complete the project within your budgets.
So the next important factor is equipment and location. These are the two crucial factors in any content. Say for example if you have a content which is revolving around a simple Villa or a normal office setup or something indoor, the cost is completely different. Because the camera that you want to use for it, the lenses that you’re going to use for it, the lights that you’re going to use for it will be coming at different rates and you will need a predefined set of things. But if you are planning for a shoot that involves both of it like both outdoor location shoot and indoor location shoot. Say for example you want to shoot something in on the road and something inside the home or inside the office.

So here is a classic example of the new VOGO Ad. That I’m going to play now. Please have a look at it and I will break you up.

This guy comes out of this room and that’s sort of like a home setup. And then the camera that’s been used for that would be different. And he just goes to the road and now he’s asking for an auto, looking for an auto. And for this, we need the gimbal shot. So they would have used a gimbal. And again they’re like moving again with the camera. So they will attach this into a particular moving making like a bike or car. The cameras and the gigs will be attached to that and then they will shoot it accordingly like this as you see in this. So this was a different set of effort and production capacity and the post-production engineers also should be capable enough to handle this kind of video works. So make sure that your content idea includes fewer locations, less equipment’s so that your production cost is within your budget.

And the last important thing is miscellaneous charges that come up with any project.

Say for example it could be like a tool cost, it could be like a data given for the Lightman, cameraman or it can be like over time. So, for example, you have a shoot all the equipment you get it for morning to night like 9:00 to 6:00, if you have exceeded some 6 p.m. So, for example, you’re doing the shoot until 9:00 p.m. Then the data goes up. So you have pay double of the effort for their work. So that increases your cost again. So make sure that you are very much prepared with the script content. Who has to speak what, where the camera has to be there, what kind of angles you need, sit with your cinematographer. Have a good time spent with him because that’s not going to cost you too much. Rather than trying and experimenting a lot of things in the actual shoot location because you would have paid rent, you have paid rent on location, equipment, artists, makeup artists, slides everything. So if going to experiment there, of course, your budget is going to be doubling up and make sure that you get permission in advance if you’re doing an outdoor shoot, so make sure that you have written permission. Don’t believe in verbal permission. We have experience in that. So go for written permission. Have it sent with your crew and make sure that you complete your video production in right time within your budget.

If you have any questions more please drop in all your queries in the comments I would be happy to answer all of it. Because we have done the humongous amount of videos and a lot of production at large levels and even smaller levels. I’m going to put a link to my portfolio. So have a look at it if you wish to have a video produced for you. Please don’t forget to call us and we will be there right from your script creation, Location hiring, artist hiring, camera equipment’s, cinematography, post-production and delivery.

So make sure that you have a right team member in place to produce a well-produced video. And good luck with the video production. Thank you. See you in the next video. Make sure that you subscribe to the channel so that you will never miss an update.

Leo Prabhu

Leo Prabhu

Hi I am Leo Prabhu from Chennai. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2014 and eventually founded Social Orange.

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