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This Outdoor Advertising Company Ranked On Google for 30+ Keywords In 3 Months

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In this SEO case study, we will be looking at how this outdoor digital billboard company increased its organic traffic by 118% in 6 months. – The best SEO company in Bangalore helped them rank this OOH(Out Of Home) advertising company website as a top google result on Google for over 30+ high-quality keywords.

You’llYou’ll learn how did we

  • Increased their organic traffic by 118%
  • Ranked on Google for over 30+ high-quality keywords
  • Generating 50+ quality leads from their website

Using our SEO campaigns


This OOH(Out Of Home) advertising company wanted to increase its lead flow. Before we performed this SEO campaign, the client was using traditional methods for generating leads. The challenges in the conventional lead generating strategies are:

  • No control over the lead quality
  • Manual Intervention is required
  • Huge human resources required
  • Heavily dependent on channel partners
  • High commissions paid to channel partners
  • Considerable costs in managing sales team across cities

Though the client already had a website in place, it was not optimized enough to generate leads or divert traffic from search engines.

So their main challenge was generating quality leads from their website.


We SocialOrange – The best SEO agency in Bangalore suggested an SEO campaign and some on-page optimization for lead generation. We did the persona research and came up with the list of high-quality leads that they must rank for, along with a suitable content plan.

The content plan suggested was very simple. We recommended two blogs per month plan linked with backlinks and other SEO off-page activities.

The client liked our plan, and we started executing the schedule for the next three months.

By interpreting the first two month’s data, we made few enhancements to our SEO strategy.

SocialOrange helped to speedup up the results for this client.

We also performed a website optimization step and integrated an exit-intent pop-up form to collect leads. We optimized the client’s blog page for lead generation with contact forms and pop-ups.

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We implemented Google-rich results snippets for some of the blogs we wrote. We did the same for their services, home, and contact page.

top seo company in bangalore

The blogs with rich snippets gave us an edge on ranking the website for more than 30+ keywords in just three months.

We outranked websites with high Domain Authority like Quora and Indiamart for some of the keywords.

seo companies in bangalore list

The Results

The client organic traffic spiked by 118%
We ranked the website for more than 30+ keywords on top of the Google search result.
We got 50+ quality leads from this SEO campaign in just three months.

Leo Prabhu

Leo Prabhu

Hi I am Leo Prabhu from Chennai. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2014 and eventually founded Social Orange.

Let's Grow Your Traffic

Let's Grow Your Traffic

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