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45 Best Article Submission Sites in 2023 To Maximise Your Content’s Visibility

best article submission sites

Are you finding it difficult to attract eyeballs to your content? You’re certainly not alone in this challenge. However, as we’re in 2023, there’s an array of impressive resources at your disposal to help boost your content’s visibility. Among these, the top 45 best article submission sites can play a pivotal role in extending your content’s reach. Using these platforms, you can effortlessly connect with your target audience.

top article submission sites

Article submission sites serve as platforms where you can submit your high-quality, original content to be viewed by a larger audience. They function as a type of content repository, making your work accessible to anyone who visits the site. By featuring your content on these sites, you increase the likelihood of it being found by the right people. This can lead to increased traffic to your own website or blog, higher search engine rankings due to backlinks, and enhanced online presence.

Are you prepared to elevate your content strategy to new heights? Take advantage of these article submission sites and begin your journey to greater online visibility and success.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is the practice of sending well-crafted, researched articles to sites like directories, blogs, forums, and online magazines. Content marketers use this technique to bring people to websites and increase its visibility on search engines.

Not only does it let businesses and individuals promote their knowledge, but also helps them get recognition in their respective fields.

Sending articles to the best article submission sites increases the chance of reaching a greater number of readers. These sites give writers an opportunity to share their wisdom.

By publishing good quality articles, writers can make their presence known on various channels that direct people to their sites.

It’s important to make sure the articles meet editorial standards regarding length, design, grammar, and punctuation. It’s also suggested to use niche-specific sites or publications which match the target audience.

In 2018, an upcoming author spent months looking for the best article submission sites before submitting her work to Her story quickly spread across social media platforms and increased traffic on her website substantially.

Submitting articles to these sites is like giving your content a free ride on the information superhighway!

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Key Benefits of Article Submission Sites

Article submission portals are a great way to increase your content’s visibility, get more readers, and get quality backlinks for your site. Here are the main benefits:

  • Strengthen Brand Protection
  • Grow Online Presence
  • High Website Traffic
  • Create Quality Backlinks
  • Improve SEO Ranking

When using these top-ranking platforms, remember that not all article submission sites approve or publish articles right away. Submit high-quality content that follows their guidelines and policies. Create original and informative articles to attract editors’ attention and improve chances of successful publication.

Pro Tip: Account creation on these portals is essential for a smooth process. Create an attractive author profile to boost your brand value and increase article acceptance rates.

Now use these 45+ Best Article Submission Sites to get your content noticed!

45+ Best Article Submission Sites

Are you searching for the elite sites to submit articles? Have a look at this data-filled list of trustworthy and highly-rated platforms. Submitting content to these 45+ Best Article Submission Sites can boost visibility, raise authority, and get to more people.

free article submission sites

The list includes categories such as:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Health & Wellness
Website URLIndustry FocusFree or Paid
Google SitesGeneralFree
My ArticlesGeneralFree
Articles FactoryGeneralPaid
Live JournalGeneralFree
Sooper ArticlesGeneralFree
Bored PandaEntertainmentFree
Article AlleyGeneralFree
Article SeenGeneralFree
Seeking AlphaFinanceFree
Advisor UncleFinanceFree
Digital Courses IndiaEducationFree

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If quality articles are submitted, it can bring in more website traffic and create leads with high-quality backlinks from reliable sources.

To get maximum exposure, make sure the content is well-researched and catered to the needs of the target audience.

Don’t miss out! Maximize the visibility of your content by submitting articles to these top-ranked platforms now! It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is full of more needles acting like they’re helpful.

How to Select the Best Article Submission Website?

When picking the right platform for submitting your best article content, it is essential to think about several factors. This includes reliability, audience size, niche relevance, domain authority and more. To select the best from the top article submission websites, you need to know some key points.

  • Check the Domain Authority Score – Try to submit your content on platforms with higher authority scores to get an excellent backlink profile.
  • Audience Size – Check each website’s traffic metrics and demographics for your target audience.
  • Niche Relevance – Submit articles on sites related to your brand’s niche for more relevant traffic and better engagement rates.

It’s also important to remember that different article submission sites have different requirements and guidelines for submissions. So, always read their terms and conditions before submitting.

Remember that some of these top article submission sites in 2023 have updated features which make them better than others.

Research by SEMrush shows that only 20% of websites globally have over 100 backlinks pointing to them. Whether you’re budgeting or splurging, there’s a great article submission website for your SEO needs.

Types of Best Article Submission Sites, Paid V/S Free Article Submission Sites SEO

Submitting articles to websites is a great way to up your online presence. We’ll explore the two types of article submission sites: free and paid. Their advantages and disadvantages, plus which businesses benefit most from each.

TypesFree submission sitesPaid submission sites
Approval timeLongerFaster
Quality of linksInferior, anyone can submit content.Superior, since they have strict standards.
CredibilityNegative, since bad submissions hurt credibility.Positive, due to being associated with authoritative sites.

Both have pros and cons, but free sites are great for companies trying to reach a wide audience. Paid sites are great for targeting specific markets.

Another option is to submit articles to blogs that cater to your target market. Even better, consider guest blogging for added exposure and full control of your content.

In conclusion, it’s important to pick where you submit wisely, to optimize content visibility. By using these tips, businesses can drive traffic to their website and increase brand awareness with potential clients across many platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are article submission sites?

A: Article submission sites are online platforms where writers can submit their original articles for publication.

Q: Why should I use article submission sites?

A: Article submission sites can be a great way to increase the visibility and reach of your content, as well as build backlinks to your website for SEO purposes.

Q: Are all article submission sites free to use?

A: No, some article submission sites require payment for certain features or levels of service. However, many of the sites on our list are free to use.

Q: How do I choose the right article submission sites for my content?

A: Consider factors such as the site’s audience, niche, and reputation, as well as its submission guidelines and requirements.

Q: Can I submit the same article to multiple submission sites?

A: It’s generally not recommended to submit the exact same article to multiple submission sites, as this can be viewed as duplicate content by search engines. Instead, consider crafting variations of your article for different platforms.

Q: How many article submission sites should I use?

A: It’s up to you to decide how many article submission sites to use, but we recommend focusing on a select few high-quality sites rather than spreading yourself too thin across many lower-quality ones.

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