Doctors, lawyers, MBAs apply to be constables with the Mumbai Police. MBA holders and Engineers apply for the position of peon in Bhopal. 28 million job seekers apply for 90,000 job openings in the Indian Railways. You may have read these headlines or something along these lines in the news in recent times. These are serious issues that do not get addressed as much as required. The unemployment rate was as low as 3.39% in July 2017, but it has reached 6.23% as of March 2018.

Unemployment Rate -2018

However, the blame cannot be put on the government entirely. Most companies find that the graduates fresh out of college do not have the skills required. Why are the youth of our country lacking such skills?


Quality of Education in India

Education in India

A large number of technical institutes: There are about 10,399 technical institutes offering a number of courses in India. The ease of setting up colleges has led to many of them having no proper facilities and faculty. This diminishes the quality of education. There are many institutes applying for permission to shut down operations every year.  

Lack of Practical knowledge: Barring the top institutes in the country, others still follow a theoretical approach to education. For a course like engineering, mere theory is not going to get the graduates far. MBA graduates may possess the theoretical knowledge about digital marketing, but unless they apply this knowledge they will not get a hang of it.

Not aligned with industry requirements: The curriculum followed by most institutes are outdated and does not match up to the requirements of the corporate. If the institutes want their students to match up to the expectations of the recruiters they must update their curriculum and train them accordingly.

According to Mr. Aditya Narayan Mishra, Director and Chief Executive of Ciel HR – One of the leading Recruitment and staffing service provider, “Our demographic dividend combined with GDP growth rates keep us at the pole position in the global race to economic prosperity. However, the 12 million people joining the labour force each year bring to the table skills which are not in sync with their aspirations.

Our education system has to be revamped to attract good teachers, provide the right environment for learning and collaborate with the industry deeply to impart relevant skills. Unless this is addressed soon, we may be facing social unrest due to under-employment in our country. ”


Employability of graduates

Employability of Graduates

Now, that we have seen the external factors affecting employability lets see how the youth isn’t making it any easier for themselves.

Lack of interest: The millennials have degrees but aren’t employable. Most of the students pick out courses without paying much heed to their interests or passion. This is the reason why India has the highest number of unemployable engineers. What the youth needs to realise is that spending 3 or 4 years doing a course they aren’t interested in isn’t going to help them in the long run.

Not putting in the work: If you want to be successful at something you need to put in the work. If you want to be a successful digital marketer you need to do it practically rather than just enrolling for a marketing course.

Let’s take the example of the Digital Marketing Internship position we had here at Social Orange. When we opened the position we received about 257 applications. This shows that there is a lot of interest in Digital Marketing.    


You can see the increased interest in the position over a few days in the below graph.

Application for digital marketing intern position

As we get a lot of applications for internships, there are a couple of tasks that the applicants have to complete for an interview. We send them an email with the tasks and ask them to notify us after completing it. This is where we observe a drop in interest. The applicants just don’t want to put in the effort to secure a spot for the interview.

Interest in people for job

Interns replying for tasks

Why go through the trouble of applying if they don’t open their emails to check the reply? We even sent them a follow up mailer, let’s look at the numbers for that:

Followup mail for internship

Let’s look at the final numbers for the hiring campaign that we ran

Intern Application report

Out of 257 applicants only 1 was selected to be a full-time employee. This shows that there is serious lack of skill in graduates.

Companies not satisfied: Graduates need to be trained further by the recruiters in order to put them into the workforce. Spending money and time to train fresh graduates on topics they should already know isn’t economical for the companies.

The need for more skill based learning

Students in college and graduates need to work on developing their skills. This helps to increase their chances of being employed. Skills like Digital marketing and analytics are in demand in the industry, focusing on such skills is important. It is easy to feel irrelevant in the age of automation, AI, and bots, but being prepared with the right skills will always keep you on top.

This Labour Day let’s work towards finding our strengths and weaknesses, learning and applying new skills and building an India of employable youth.

Happy Labour Day - Social Orange

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