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3 Tips to create a visually arresting and engaging contest post:Case Study

Bookcab social media contest

On any day in comparison with a generic creative social media post, a gripping contest post has the potential to go viral and makes the audience take a note of the brand on social media. The urge to keep the page likes on the raise is a yielding effort that aligns with the reputation of the brand on the internet forum. This will have a better push if you have a proper SEO optimised keywords on the post with hashtags

Having sailed through workable strategies and pulling over the idea socket every day and then as a blog reader (you) the other side, might feel interested to have a look at our case study. HERE is our recent contest post which we pulled off on one of our brands BookCab. Enjoy reading!

These are the easily obtainable tips that can help you crack a contest post for your brand and eventually make your day incredibly good are as follows:

1. Set an objective for the contest:

An ideal preparation starter is further enhanced with the objective/need for the contest post. You may have to determine the time of the month you decide to go live with the contest. If a sensational event is making news and you think the brand can associate with the present scheme of things and debate around the topic which is already going viral (for instance – the ongoing IPL season 11) is an easy advantage to make worth the time which is best to your strengths. Understand how it can work for your brand and lay the objective clear on the table.

What did the trick for BookCab contest:

The audience of the page are always thrilled to know the places to visit for the current Indian climate season, which place is hot in the trends to lookout for and if the Bookcab service match their intention – they are all game for it! Here we decided to go on for a simple Q&A post about the National Highways. Which indeed is easy to answer and there are no guessing games. A contest can do the magic for the brand if the content is simple enough to understand and respond by the end viewers.

Bookcab Facebook campaign getting likes and shares

2. What’s the type of your contest?

The next step that follows after finding the objective is to characterize the post – how do you want it to be. The type can range from giveaway alert, offer announcement, be the lucky winner, photo contest, referral promotion and meet the brand ambassador for a selfie posts. Or in most influential ways – a contest could be a simple “answer the question” type and the lucky winner gets a special mention the following week on the same page. All you need to know is a way in finding the rhythm that connects with your audience in an engaging contest post. Whichever type you find, should connect well with the audience.

What did the trick for BookCab contest:

Here we had been honest about the scope of contest post we were communicating to the fans. We decided to engage the audience through likes/comments and shares which was a total contrast from the usual promotional posts that we were doing. And it well clicked for us! Another great thing about the post was, it made the viewers to take a note and share it with their friends and fellow followers in turn, tagging them on the post. This proved a big hit on Twitter and Facebook platforms.

Look what we achieved!

On Facebook: 114 likes,79 shares and 134 comments overall (Still going strong)
On Twitter: 78 likes, 76 retweets and 100 comments overall (Still going strong as well)

Book cab post retweeted

3. Know who is your target!

More than trying to pull off a cracker of the contest, it is important to know the credible target market who would be the loyal followers of the brand on the social media page. It is a binding by confidence/trust and the support of the followers is required to build the engagement. The reach henceforth multiples by making the content shareable with various other target groups on facebook, LinkedIn and several other content marketing groups and platforms.

What did the trick for BookCab contest:

The page owns a massive 32,000 and above fans who are always on the lookout for visually attractive posts. What we found was they were knowledgeable too. If a post did not engage them quite well, they can simply scroll the page, besides that on the contrary they have always encouraged content-based posts that created a strong sense of awareness. This time we thought the fans should simply have fun in answering a relatable information that they are pretty much aware of. They have been an enthusiastic bunch by showing their response with a thunderous impact (likes and shares).

Bookcab Social media contest post

Did you find this blog interesting? What’s your take on this – Yay or Nay? Your comments are most welcome. We leave it here with the hope you liked reading our blog. And if you are owning a brand and want to have the brand registered strongly in the minds of million internet users through stunning contest posts – contact us right away!

Send an email to Social Orange here on – and we will get back in touch with you!

Have a great day!

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Srividhya Sridharan

Srividhya Sridharan

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