How did we get our website on Google First Page for the keyword “Social Media Agencies Bangalore”

Google Search engine optimization

Like most of the other Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore, we were also very much focused in bring our website for the highly competitive keywords such as:

  1. Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore
  2. Social Media Agencies in Bangalore 
  3. Best Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore
  4. Top Social Media Agencies Bangalore

So, we sketched a content plan to make this happen and the result was stunning. Here is a video to support our work.

By this Search Engine Optimization effort, we have increased our organic traffic by 90% and our lead conversion rate by 8% net.

Search Traffic” is a place where B2B business has to focus on to gain a Long Tail advantage.

Now, let’s see how our Search Engine Optimization efforts worked on other search engines.

Bing Search Engine:

DuckDuchGo Search Engine:

Yahoo Search Engine:

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