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Digital Marketing tips for entrepreneurs


Due to the fact that all the entrepreneurs irrespective of age, industry, and volume are slowly shifting their ad budgets towards Online Marketing so, we thought of giving some Digital Marketing tips for entrepreneurs who believe in Digital Marketing and the whole new online world.

Over the years, E-commerce has seen a number of changes. Traditional marketing and advertising have been taken over by digital marketing and almost every new website or mobile app needs to invest time and money in branding, online marketing, SEO, content etc. But why is every entrepreneur with an online platform spending so much on digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Tips

Here are some statistics on various aspects of digital marketing that will make you understand its importance-

  • Google gets around 100 billion searches in a month
  • 71% of B2B market researchers begin their work with simple Google searches
  • 51% of users discover new products/websites while using their smartphone search.
  • 1/3rd of the world is active on social media

Do your market research-

Understand the scope of your target market. You should know your target audience before getting into any kind of marketing. Spend some time on researching that market, how other companies have tackled them and the preferences of your target users. It is also important to know how your target audience operates the internet. Different age groups prefer different social media platforms and you should be able to use the relevant ones properly for your brand.

Market Research tips for entrepreneurs
Market Research tips for entrepreneurs

Content Marketing and SEO should be always a high priority

Content Marketing Strategy for entrepreneurs
Content Marketing Strategy for entrepreneurs

Click-through rate in google search spots

Going by the volume of organic searches carried out by internet users, it is of utmost importance that you get your website in the top search positions. Even though search engine marketing can help you land ads on Google. SEO is what will get users coming back to your company time and time again. Learning how SEO works or hiring an expert at an early stage will increase your market outreach in no time.

Good content always beats paid advertising- 

Content like blog posts, pictures, images and videos on your website will always help your website grow in some way or another. Even though most digital marketing experts focus on keywords and coming up with click-bait content, it is always better to strategize your content plan and come up with posts that are relevant to your business. If your quality of content is good, users will trust your brand and keep coming back for more. 

Over the years, visual media such as videos have seen a drastic growth on social media. A survey found that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media over other forms of content.

Online Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs
Online Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs – Tip 4

Have a good social media strategy in place-

There is no point in marketing your brand online if you are not active on social media. Apart from branding and consumer interaction, social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter give you a chance to share your work visually. With the growth in Indian startups, the number of followers a website enjoys on any social media platform is vital to its business.

Do a little research to find your market scope and target users, you can use the right platform to generate leads and get more traffic on your website. The important thing to remember is being consistent. Engaging your audience on Facebook and Twitter requires posts on a regular basis. In the last few years, the content consumption on Facebook has grown by 57%. Facebook’s search algorithm is designed only to cater to pages that are active in interacting with their audience.

Do not hesitate to invest in Facebook or LinkedIn for better marketing.

Invest in content Marketing on Social Media
Online Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs – Tip 5

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Institute of Advanced Digital
Institute of Advanced Digital
3 years ago

The above tips are really helpful for entrepreneurs to get started and implementing good SEO strategy can really help them to generate traffic and yield great results.


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