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Involved Affiliate Marketing

Involved Affiliate marketing is where you have used a product or service, truly believe and personally recommend it to your audience.

How to Affiliate Marketing Service Works?

These simple steps will help us to create best visual content for your brand.

Getting Order Details

When you buy affiliate marketing service, our team will reach out to you to get the required affiliate link and to the tracking setups validation done.

Affilaite Marketing

Once you campaigns go live, you can check on your analytics on how many sales happened through our campaigns on your CRM. We just take only the commission on sales that we agreed on mutually. Generally we work in this model with brands who have online sales channel and not with leads.

Project Completion

Each and every campaign is UTM code and will be carefully monitored for the key performance indicators. we will get you a live dashboard of reports on how our campaign works.

Affiliate Marketing Pricing & Deliverables


Enter your description
Monthly Deliverables
  • Facebook cover image
  • FB & Insta profile photos
  • Bio and description copywriting
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Accounts connection
  • 8 Posts + Captions


Enter your description
Monthly Deliverables
  • All from Quick Plan
  • upto 3 Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Analytics
  • FB Ads (2 Campaigns + 5 Adsets)
  • All Post as Stories and Highlights
  • 14 Posts + Captions + Hashtags


Enter your description
Monthly Deliverables
  • All from classic
  • Upto 5 Social Media Platforms
  • 500 Instagram Followers
  • 10 Templated responses
  • 1 Email Opt-in Contests
  • 22 Posts + Captions + Hashtags

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Unattached Affiliate Marketing

This is a common type of affiliate marketing where you can run pay-per-click campaigns. You do not need to have presence or authority for the product niche – you are only promoting your products/ services. All it involves is placing links on the affiliate website through Google AdWords and the waiting for someone to click on the link.


Related Affiliate Marketing, For this sort of marketing you need to have an online presence in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos or your social media channels. You may then earn revenue by adding banner ads, form links or other types of offers from affiliate links for your audience.

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A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.

Let’s ensure your brand has a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose your product or service over another through best social media marketing campaigns.

Why Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

Stand out of the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Partnerships and Collaboration

    Affiliate marketing is all about building rapport with affiliates through long term partnerships and collaboration. You get new traffic and potential customers from these reliable partnerships.

  • Performance-based Marketing

    You pay if and only if a visitor is brought to your website by the affiliate

  • Relevant Traffic

    In addition to marketing, recruiting or reaching out to relevant affiliates for your website can increase traffic at a faster rate. The more affiliate sites you link to your site, the more opportunities you will have to convert a casual visitor to a paid customer.

  • Easy tracking

    You can track the performance of your marketing efforts through the affiliate programs very easily. It will also tell you how your site is performing on different affiliate websites.

  • Better Exposure

    Getting better exposure on an affiliate site can help you to strengthen your brand image. Moreover, it will help to stay tuned to the demographic you want to target.

  • Broader Marketing Efforts

    You have the opportunity to expand your product/service category to new markets through your affiliates.

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